How Tequila Is Made - Behind The Scenes With Tequila Herradura!

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We had the opportunity to get a private tour of Casa Herradura, the place where all Tequila Herradura is made. It was such an incredible experience and there's way more to it than we could have ever imagined!

If you're curious to know how tequila is made, this video is for you.

Watch the full video below:

Or, watch it directly on YouTube here

We use this action cam to shoot our videos.


Until next time,
@sharingeverybite (Maddie)
@shenanigator (Jordan)
(and Laska the Siberian Husky)

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Hey guys. You’re videos are getting better and better (I’ve been watching without commenting for ages. Sorry). This one was particularly interesting.

Could I ask that you include mention of Steemit in your videos? It would be awesome if you could encourage your growing audience to come and check out our platform here.

Hey @mazzle, thanks for watching. This was one of our favorites yet! We started Tangerine Travels about 4 months ago and one of our primary goals with it is to grow Steem, so that's absolutely at the forefront of our minds.

We're doing some things already to grow Steem:

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I see the challenge. What about links in your info section below each video? Can you utilise that for links to your Steemit profiles?

Keep doing what you're doing though. You're making awesome progress.

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We do have links to Steemit in our description below each video, but we've found that stuff in the description is pretty useless unless you're actually asking your audience (in the video) to go look for it.

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We make a little bit from people reaching out to us wanting to donate via PayPal.

We haven't done any paid sponsorships yet, but we're starting to get a lot of requests to advertise product/services. These sponsorships will probably soon be our biggest revenue source. For this particular video, we reached out to Herradura, they gave us a free tour, and permitted us to film (almost) everything. However, they didn't pay us anything.

Wow. That’s quite a few different revenue streams. So you’re not converting your Steem and SBD to Fiat then?

We're not converting any to fiat when the prices are down like they are now. We converted some when the prices were higher, but we're hopeful that soon we won't have to rely on Steem at all and be able to power up everything we earn before long.

You may notice that we recently started a power down but that power down isn't for the purpose of selling steem.

OK cool. Mostly asking because I'm wanting to find people who are living off their Steem earnings.

I'd love to put together an article where I discuss what they did to achieve it and how much work they put in to maintain their income.

I didnt watch the video, but ....
I like your name

Hey @walden! You should watch the video :) If you remember us from the steemcleaner's chat channel back in the day, we're @sharingeverybite and @shenanigator. It has been a long time but we had quite a few interactions in that channel.

Waaaw tequilla !! I mean good work guys ,such a good idea .

Thank you :) Which part of the video did you like most?

All of it, i loved the idea of making such a video ,so lives the ideas !

Waaaw tequilla !! I mean good work guys ,such a good idea .

woow! i love tequila hehehe

Love you all

Hey Maddie, Jordan and Laska! You had fun in the tequila Herradura company, watching tequila being made was so cool. Thank you for sharing!

Congrats on the 10K btw

It was a really great experience and we'd highly recommend it! We're not quite to 10,000 but we're starting to get close. Thanks for watching :)

this is pretty awesome information, now i got stuff to talk about on tequila next time we go drinking.... yesssss!! thanks for sharing

Props for Jose for the tour!!!

Thanks for sharing!! This was inspirational in such a divine way for me because I love high quality Tequila!

Jose was awesome! We were fortunate to be given such a great guide for the tour. Thanks for watching :)

Like i said on YouTube, i am absolutely impressed by this. Each stage and process will always impress anyone. The environment is really warm and friendly, these kind of atmosphere makes it easy for people to work and enjoy working.

Your tour buddy is really an impressive man too. He took his time to explain everything you need to know. I really admire Mexicans as i see they are always willing to help, at least majority of them.

Maddie's sister was a little bit quiet today, is she good? I noticed she enjoyed the tequila tasting too. I already know Jordan's favourite, which one is Maddie's favourite?

Reserve my bottle for me, hahaha the longer it stays, the better, just that it won't be in that barrel, but then, i look forward to mine. I hope i won't pass out if i take a sip. Alcohol isn't for my system hahaha particularly 55%. I did terrible several years ago when i took a wine with just imagine 55%. Hahahahaha

I am really glad you guys enjoyed your day. Days like this will always get you fascinated to explore even more. Thank you for sharing this. This opened my eyes really to the processes involved and to know that nothing good comes easy.

Considering that’s where all the world’s Tequila Herradura is produced, we expected it to be much busier. Maybe there are certain days of the week when it’s not nearly as calm there?

Her sister is just fine. Herradura gave Tangerine Travels this tour for free, so we wanted to give them a video that’s typical Tangerine Travels style and not introduce a guest in our video that they didn’t know about.

Our tour guide Jose was really great, he certainly added to the experience!

Hahaha at 55%, just make sure you don’t drink a lot of it, otherwise we might get some crazy Olawale Steem posts 😉

Hahahahahahaha crazy Olawale Steem post made me laugh out loud. Hahaha that would be something. tour! That's so amazing and it is totally understandable why she couldn't feature much.

I really look forward to your next trip there. I am really excited about it already.

Thank you for always giving us the best. You guys are impressive.

We think it's going to be a lot of fun to take the train there. There will be drinks on board the train, food, live music, a tour of the facilities, and some other things! It's pretty expensive, so thankfully, they've offered to give that one to us for free as well.

I say free, but a lot goes into making these videos, so I suppose we're paying for it with our time.

Wow! Free also? That's so perfect. Wow!. A big thanks to them.

Hahahahahaha. Yes, time is money and the efforts you put in there is always admirable. You guys are really devoted and i really admire you both.

I am glad you two noticed that really good tequila is very smooth! That's why in the US I only buy high quality tequila.

I was told that all low quality tequila in the US is diluted not just with water but other substance too. I didn't believe my patient until he came back from Mexico and gave me a new bottle of Gustanos de Oaxaca tequila. After I healed him, he thank me by giving me a bottle after visiting his parents in Mexico.

This no name brand Tequila is very smooth! I can't even taste the alcohol in it!

Thank you so much for this great video. I appreciate you guys giving us a chance to visit the factory and learn about the whole tequila production process.
Fantastic video!!!

Thanks for watching, we’re happy to hear you enjoyed it :) Hopefully it was entertaining and interesting enough to watch for 18 minutes without getting bored 😉

How not to be excited if they go to Tequila Town!
It is beautiful to see how the family still lives there, the workers live there and how the hacienda is well preserved.
The place is huge!

It is much larger than we ever imagined! Such a cool place :)

Is not a little town!
i imagine both drink water (at the start) for walk all the place
before enjoy the tequila time!

I have never been to Tequila, but I've always wanted to go there. I have been told a lot about the place and the process of tequila preparation, but I never really saw it, and your video is quite informative. I enjoyed your video a lot. And I look forward to seeing the video of the town of Tequila. Saludos! :D

Hey @vicmir, thanks for watching. We're happy to hear that you thought it was informative and that you enjoyed it. We'd definitely recommend doing this tour if you get the chance, it was probably the best one we've ever done!

You should go to the Cheese and Wine Route in Querétaro, It is a tour that shows the vineyards and cheese factories. And you could taste a Mexican wine.

Hola muchachos
Me encanto el vídeo. Increíble el proceso de elaboración.
Saldrían sabrosos de la planta.
Buen Provecho chicos y Saludos a Laska.

Muchas gracias! Fue un experiencia increible!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

To say thank you for the appearance of the brand tequila Herradura need occasion, but rather a horseshoe, which pointed to the founder of the place where it was necessary to create a plant. Tequila Herradura - lucky find... :)

It's rumored that the brand was named Herradura (which means horseshoe) because the founder of the company came across a horseshoe on the land. Thanks for watching!

Definitely in Mexico everything is great. Man Machos, very spicy food and strong alcohol, hahaha. It would only take me one drink, to end my sanity. That's why I'm not a taster, hahaha. Undoubtedly it was an interesting experience. Although with tequilas, the temperature probably went up, hahahaha.

corruption, misery and poverty aren't great.

Hi @quaquelique. I must understand that you mean they are not like to feel pride, and I understand you. In my country Venezuela today, corruption, misery and poverty are enormous. The important thing is that positive things also stand out.

Interesante video @ tangerinetravels, me encantó saber cómo es el proceso de fabricación de tequila, los felicito, gracias por compartir!!!

Nos encantó mucho tambíen! Fue muy divertido para aprender!

Never thought that I will have the opportunity in this life to see how Tequila was made. This just made my day :)

Awesome @albertdstone, thanks for watching! What was your favorite part of the video?

Cool video guys! I live in Guadalajara, and love to go to tequila <3

It's a fun little town :) Have you had a chance to visit Casa Herradura?

I havent, but i love to go to the Jose Cuervo´s tour ;)

SUPER POST! Now I know how that magic happend ;)

Thanks for watching :) What part of the video did you find most interesting?

I have something new before my eyes, see how it is prepared or the preparation of the tequila is great. and that place is so beautiful, organized and big, and that it is as fun as it is usual. keep making great videos like these, greetings Maddie, Jordan and laska

We were absolutely blown away by everything at Casa Herradura, that place is amazing! Thanks for watching, Wendy :)

Wow! This is one of my favorite alcohol to :)) i wish that i was there!

Wow!! thanks you so much for sharing this video. So many things about tequila that I didn't know. Very well. Greeting from a latino friend!

Excelente. El baterista de #Mana fabrica tequila muy bueno.


very good video, have a nice time while watching the video, very well trained @tangerinetravels

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They need to sell the smoke agave as deserts!!

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great how tequila is made!

What was your favorite part of the video?

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Awesome, I would love a tequila right now!

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Are you asking why we don't upload it to Dtube or Dlive instead of YouTube? If that's what you're asking, there's a good reason for that.

tequila santo bajlando sensimila

Something here is lost in translation, I have no clue what you mean ;) Sorry, I'm still learning Spanish.

I will also wish to be in such a wonderful place as this. If wishes were horses

Wow! That's pretty amazing! I like your writing btw

Even though it’s a video... smart.


Waow... Hehe

great post

Wow! very informative. Nice job

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looking forward to hear more from you.

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Goood boss

i always find these guys on trending page.

Interesting post really interesting, whole process behind this excellent product of world fames... viva mexico congratulations to @tangerinetravels

What!! Super cool thanks for sharing :) Cheers to that!

Thanks for watching :)

It happens almost everywhere. @tangerinetravels

Muy buen trabajo, saludos!

Excelente video!

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Dios!!!! yo amo el TEQUILA... esa forma que te hace sentir, puedes sentir como baja desde tu garganta a tu estomago! es brutal.

What part of the video did you find the most interesting?

such a great idea . nice video . many thanks for sharing

Hello @tangerinetravels, excellent video, I'm not an alcohol lover, but it's always interesting to know everything a little bit, thanks for sharing with all of us

Oh my, that is a long process. You are blessed to be on such adventures

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