Robot Build: Arduino + Raspberry Pi 3 + Adafruit

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Robot Build: Arduino + Raspberry Pi 3 + Adafruit

I combined the Adafruit AdaBox 002 kit with the Adafruit Mini Round Robot Chassis Kit (2WD with DC Motors) and a Raspberry Pi 3 to create a Bluetooth-enabled iPhone controlled custom robot.

Currently, I drive / control the robot with the Adafruit Bluefruit LE Connect iOS app but have plans to wire the ultrasonic distance sensor located on the front of the robot so it can be autonomous and drive itself.

Presently, the Raspberry Pi which is currently running Raspbian can be controlled remotely over wireless to view the camera feed which has image and motion detection using an open source software called Motion.

Using a serial connection (USB) between the Raspberry Pi and the Arduino board, data / commands can be sent to and from the devices. Future plans for the Raspberry Pi include installing ROS (Robot Operating System) to send and receive sensor data between Arduino boards and the Pi.

Parts needed for this build:

AdaFruit AdaBox 002 Kit
AdaFruit Mini Round Robot Chassis Kit - 2WD with DC Motors
Raspberry Pi 3
USB Camera
HC-SR05 Ultrasonic Distance Sensor
Portable USB Battery Pack
Self Adhesive Velco
Extra Wire

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