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My last layoff has made it clear to me that two artists will always have a hard time collaborating for more than a short while. I thought I had found a way to pursue interest in new mediums that without money and infrastructure of my own i thought i could not achieve. I will not allow myself being the poorer of the two, let my talent and potential talent go to waist. I have already bought an editing computer with an I 5 dual core processor within the last 13 day of being fired temporarily or otherwise. I have gotten a version of Adobe Premier and will proudly show you a quick Intro I have made. I want to say that If you really have a passion in your life, never let someone who has money take advantage of your skill or labor without pay or convince you that you cannot do it on your own.

Introducing UnNamed Studios. Currently looking for anyone who needs a video editor who is hungry for work and happy to do work to build his portfolio. ... for a limited time.

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