Learning bryce 5.5 blender and diveing into a new trade of editingsteemCreated with Sketch.

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when you see this you most likely think it is weird skipping looking. but for me it is a milestone. I learned about 3D animation and i intent to use these skills. I tip my hat to @elgeko with the lead in media production. this is my 1st render of a 3d animation ever so please be nice. And yes the stray is back.

using bryce and using the steem logo i made a short animation in bryce then i exported as an AVI file to be able to import into Adobe premier then export as a composite with another MP4 blurred out office back ground. I do think a steem advertisement would appeal to business white collar type investors. i will continue exparementing with this footage and will set my next goal to motion track with a moving croma key


I suggest you that use https://d.tube for your videos :)

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