Our silly dog Dutch: Testing AnimGIFs

in video •  2 years ago 


May I introduce our comical dog Dutch. I'm using this gif to see how well they play on steemit. Enjoy

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Love the gif! That tail looks like a weapon... lol!

yes @aunt-deb, it is. :) When most people can take their dog into Home Depot we can't, we worry that he might knock over a display or gazebo. :)

Lol! Thought that might be the case. I pet-sit for a similar sized/shaped guy named Norman. He's given me bruises with that thing! You learn to be quick and try to stay out of range when they're wound up... ;~D

Love the gif. Looks like he's having fun. Watch that tail though. Those can deliver quite a blow. I've got bruises for our Great Dane's tail.

Yes, we do have to be careful, @cecicastor. When we adopted him we were told he was a Pitbull, nope...he just kept on growing. :)

Pitbull huh! He looks a lot bigger than that. Mastive perhaps?

We got his DNA tested, Father was 100% American Bull dog, the mother was Golden Retrever mix. I bet there's GDane in there somewhere. ;)

When we get a mixed breed, you are never sure what you will get. All our dogs with the exception of the Great Dane are mixed. I think they make great pets.