1990s Screensavers: 0m Appliances

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In this module we can see refrigerators and washing machines ascend the screen. The sound of washing machines can be heard throughout the running of the module.

Adjustments to the screensaver feature options for entities, controlling the total number of appliances on the screen. Life energy which I am not sure what that does. Defrost which again no idea what its for. Maybe it it opens the freezer doors more. And lastly washer karma, hah again I have no idea what those do. I could not see a difference when I played with the options.

This video is a little over thirty minutes long.

LBRY Video Link

Screen savers in the 1990s had a purpose, to stop screen burn in. Afterdark is a screen saver application released in 1989 and produced many versions of their screen saver app up through the 2000s. I will be showing off the various modules included in this thirty year old application (Version 4.0) released in 1996. Some may remember the Flying Toasters as a screen saver. Or maybe some other, but as an early Mac user myself these all bring back memories for me.

I run the screensavers on a Windows ME virtual machine, and capture the screen using OBS. Some of the screensavers crash, probably due to emulation of the virtual machine. But others run flawlessly. The computers during the days of these screen savers only had a few hundred megabytes of RAM and few hundred megahertz of processing power. Even with these constraints some amazing screensavers were designed by Berkeley Systems and Sierra.

Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places. I would be happy to list some of the contributors in my posts for donations that help me along the way.


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