Presenting Sndbox’s New Video [DTube Exclusive]

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Communicating a Revolution

It’s finally here and we’re terribly excited about it. Last month, we teased out that we were working with the creative agency Humdinger & Sons for a video that would serve as an explanation of Sndbox’s mission and a promotional tool for Steemit and Steem. If you saw our latest call to apply for Snbdbox’s second cohort then you’re already ahead of the game but for everyone else: we present to you "Sndbox" the first incubator built on Steem:

All the Feels

We’ll take you through some of the major scenes in the video and describe our motivations for adding them in such a sequence. Let’s begin!


A Dysfunctional Creative Economy

Creative professionals always get the short end of the stick. The vast majority of production is done at the behest of clients, companies, or in rare cases, for the purposes of achieved grants. A very small percentage of true and personal creative work is actually brought to the public eye. This means that every creative is constantly fighting an uphill battle for attention and autonomy, two very fickle conditions. We believe this detracts and hinders creative innovation and it became the premise for starting a community incubator that breaks this old hierarchy down.


Confusing and Rapidly Changing Blockchain World

Crypto is confusing, especially for people who are not coming into the space with the sole intention of investing for profit or learning about the technicals. It can take up to a few months to become familiar with the new terms, discover the various currencies and platforms, join a productive community, and begin establishing some personal trajectory. It is difficult to wade through all the conflicting news and varied resources to really know where to start and where to go.

A Community and Engaging Program to Integrate Blockchain

With Sndbox, we not only provide resources and guidance, but also a structured and vibrant community of active participants and alumni from the program. This makes the transition into the crypto world even more welcoming and nurtures a sense of actual collaborative learning and creating.


Steem Leading a Creative Blockchain-Powered Future

What’s the best foundation for rewarding creative practice in a decentralized way? Currently, it’s Steem of course. With the various DApps and initiatives developing in probably the most active and largest crypto-centric global community, Steem serves as the champion foundation for creative empowerment. Our mission at Sndbox is to help members discover, utilize, and build on these tools.

Looking Forward

Now is the time where we’re putting this mission to work. With the new open application, we’re looking for the best professionals, institutions, and companies that are looking to integrate their content with Steemit. We believe this video will serve as a long-term tool to explain the potential of blockchain better and provide a reputable opportunity to enter the blockchain space with a trusted community.

Last but certainly not least, we want to extend an emphatic THANK YOU to Humdinger & Sons for working with us and helping create something far more magnetic than we could have ever imagined.

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this is awesome!

  ·  last year (edited)

Sndbox's new video [Dtube exclusive] Is creative educative and classic put together, ranging from education people via videos what crypto is all about, learning about the technical aspects of crypto and bring the new terms in the crypto world to us, also providing guidance and resources to the communities within the blockchain.

This great new initiative by @sndbox will surely go a long way in educating people more because teaching with such tools as video enhances faster learning. Thanks @sndbox coming up with something unique as this. I am looking forward to learning a great deal through this new initiative powered by sndbox. Humdinger and sons, this is a master piece,you guys did a wonderful job I must say.


it is great to teach others because teaching with tools such as videos increases learning more effectively. Thanks @sndbox has shown something unique like this. I am looking forward to learning a lot through this new initiative which is supported by sndbox. Humdinger and son, this is a masterpiece, you are doing a wonderful job.

This video shows the purpose of Steemit and of block chain. Its totally impressive . Its a great initiative and Liked your mission.

  ·  last year (edited)

I really enjoyed the video. Thank you for taking the time and effort in creating this presentation. I'm a real visual learner, so seeing it in this format is easy to absorb and gets the message deeply imprinted.

Wow, it's really amazing man!
clear, minimalistic, simple, perfect,
i'm impressed,
who have made this?
What is the main purpose of blockchain and steemit, A perfect illustration has been shown in this video.

@sndbox and @creativecrypto is helping in a great way, An artist can make design and they rewarded for it. Bring ideas to @sndbox, you will be rewarded for it. just watched your video, it has everything that anyone wants to know about @sndbox, perfect video, in fact one of the best video i have ever seen.

  ·  last year (edited)

Beautiful visual concept! Respect for the authors. Only I think that portraying violence against other social networks is not good. I apologize for interfering.

Really cool video! I like the way how everything is connected in animation.

Really cool:)!

hey @sndbox can i participate in your contest?
btw beautiful video.


Interesting article. I subscribed to you. Subscribe to me. Let's be friends

Team, it's really great to see how you are pushing the creative work ahead and helping many individuals who are associating in creating work or who are supporting the creative ideas. And yes, when it comes to creativity then one thing is for sure and that is Ideas come first and money lack first, so everyone needs an platform where they can showcase their creative work so that personnel can grow his/her creative work further.

@sndbox is one of the place where professionals can showcase their productive and creative work, and productive because whatever work you do there should be some expansion and that means their should be production from that work, for example, if anyone getting value from it then your work is expanded one level.

Keep up this amazing work and thanks for sharing this post and videos with us team. Wishing you an great day team. Stay blessed. 🙂

An excellent news story for all of Steemians, hopefully they read and re-understand the direction and program of this update,
as more People are involved, it will look like a Positive Competition for all Creators, a very useful notification post

vedio is very nice @sndbox, here is clearly visible vision and your vision in this blockchain, all the steemians look forward to this vedio and I really admire you #sndbox, creative and work hard to produce a very amazing product, I congratulate ucabkan to #sndbox hopefully always on success.

I just found this article and after reading this article there seems to be something interesting about "sndbox". Looks like I'm a bit behind the news, I read the previous article and will learn it first. :)

Your mission at Sndbox is to help members discover, utilize, and build on these tools that's good

Stunning video! Cool art-direction and animation! Respect for H&S guys!