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Multi generational homes is the way God has ordained it. Man came along and decided otherwise. Thinking they know what is best. Foolish man.....those of God need to get back to doing God's things HIS way and repeat the blessings that come from that!

Another great episode, I liked the format of mixing in daily life with Biblical principles. I hope you do more of that in future episodes!

Shalom to you and your family!


I hope if I live long enough, I can meet my great grandchildren... right next door. The world wants to separate families, but then unify them into the modern Tower of Babel collective. But if families stay together, they tend to move towards God and His ways and are richly blessed by it.

So glad you enjoyed this episode. I'd like to have more bible discussions on the show.

Very well said!!!
And I look forward to the next biblical discussion!

Glad you enjoyed it and thank you for the blessing!

That is more like our usual conversations go, in that we often bounce between Bible discussion and what's-going-on discussions.

We know several families who are on their second generation of trying to return to multi-generational households and there are definitely hurdles to clear in understanding just how to make everything work. One of the biggest is just figuring out how to make it so each nuclear family is able to retain it's character and autonomy (Dad being the head of his own home) while remaining integral to the larger home. It's a different issue that often occurs in communes because families have a shared culture and can more easily mesh together, but it does have echoes in that people still have conflict easily in the direction they want to go and you really can't just share children. Mom and Dad have to be the authority and the director of how children are taught.

Kinks to smooth out...

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