Let's talk about Slotto probabilities

in video •  3 months ago


Here's a summary ↓

  • Jackpot chance (0.005% per ticket)
  • Smallpot chance (0.8% as of today)
  • Tomorrow, somebody is going to win the smallpot (5 STEEM) and it'll be live
  • Let's see if somebody wins the jackpot! (100+ STEEM)

see the countdown here

It's simple math (combinations), but lemme know if something's wrong 😃
Thanks for watching.

Visit slotto.io | Win 100+ steem




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Esperemos se acumule el Jackpot para que más personas puedan adquirir su Slotto @roundbeargames


haha yes hopefully. for now we don't have enough players so i dunno 😆

really this is a great opportunity to win


give it a try and see what happens 👍

진심으로 응원합니다. 천재개발자님


진심으로 감사합니다 😄

In fixed intervals, the slotto records a random set of numbers on the Blockchain steem. Slotto uses FORTUNA RAND to make each draw. For those of you who hold three lottery ticket numbers and match the lottery numbers issued by the blockchain slotto, you are the winner. Automatically receive prizes in STEEM form immediately in your steemit account listed in the slotto.


wow thanks for explaining :)
i gotta update that 'fixed intervals' because i've changed it to a countdown.

Bagi anda yang ingin bergabung dan ikut berpartisipasi dalam lotere slotto yang berhadiah ratusan steem ini silahkan klik https://slotto.io . Anda akan melihat halaman utama slotto.io yang terpampang besaran hadiah steem untuk dimenangkan. Klik "generate ticket" untuk menghasilkan tiket nomor undian yang anda inginkan, dan anda juga bisa mengisi kolom nomor tiket undian secara manual menurut selera anda masing-masing. Jika sudah merasa tiket nomor undian anda cocok silahkan klik "purchase" untuk memesan atau membayar tiket undian yang anda inginkan tadi sebesar 0.100 steem per nomor undian tiket.
For those of you who want to join and participate in the slotto lottery with hundreds of steem prizes, please click https://slotto.io. You will see the main page of slotto.io which is displayed on the steem prize to be won. Click "generate ticket" to generate the lottery number ticket you want, and you can also fill in the lottery ticket number manually according to your taste. If you already feel that your lottery number ticket is suitable, please click "purchase" to order or pay for the lottery ticket you wished for 0.100 steem per ticket lottery number.


google translate?
i don't speak indonesian so there's no way for me to tell 😆
but thanks!

Slotto is a lottery lottery generated through the Blockchain and powered by steem. Unlike an ordinary lottery, the slotto data is stored neatly on the Blockchain platform that can be said to be easily destroyed.


ok people you can stop explaining.

more or less a day again, will tomorrow the winner come out 😊🤔😁


yes! we now have about a day left on the countdown 😁

I have followed the instructions for this sweepstakes slotto. but did I know that I have managed to follow him. thank you friends have shared


funky translation but looks like you bought yourself a ticket :)
good luck tomorrow 😃


Thank you friend. pray for my friends who win.😉

Enjoy with your Slotto @roundbeargames😉

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I was thinking of buying one more ticket but decided not to after watching this video lol I already bought 3 tickets this week!


ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ it is still x3. people are buying 10~30 tickets. everybody has different strategies! 😆


I just bought 2 more tickets, which makes it x5 😆 Looking forward to the dlive tomorrow!
귀가 팔랑팔랑 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


헐 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 내일 굳럭 👍

100steem wooooo, how i wish i can win it. I need this luck lol


well brother you just gotta buy a ticket at https://slotto.io :)

팔로우 하고 갑니다!


저도 그럼 맞팔! 😃

esperando que muchas personas puedan tener para adquirir su slotto @roumbeargames, saludos y exitos


Greetings amigo. Thanks for always being supportive. We also have smts coming up next year so its going to be exciting! 😀
Lets hope we can both grow 👍

Good mathematics 😂😂

Was there always a countdown or is it new?


it's new haha i updated this week 😄

you've been dedicated in this game ... that's good ... many successes ...


well i enjoyed making it :)
i'm thinking of doing a new project so maybe not 100% dedicated 😌

I hope that other people can acquire their slotto, good opportunity


Haha yes hopefully 😀
We'll see what happens

I'll try to play and see if I'm lucky, haha.


Yes you bought your tickets!
The draw is lessthan 8 hours from now 😎
I wish you luck!

I'm not good with the odds, but I wish you all luck, haha. Everyone is intrigued to know who will win!


No one is! 😃 not everybody will win big. But we'll see what happens 👍

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I couldn't resist the 100 STEEM FOMO and bought a ticket :)


Haha now you wait and hope for a win!
Im gonna do a draw in an hour and 20mins from now. Someone will win the smallpot and someone might win the jackpot 😄
so I wish you luck!



greetings to you too @chiminguito :)

@roundbeargames, Good to see some amazing updates here and Small pot is something sounding fun and really effective.

And for sure these updates will bring new excitement and for sure the Rate Of Engagement will also going to boost.

So, keep up and good luck for all these updates and developments, and great thing is you are updating every bit of it.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂


thanks man. i just did a live draw and @ayogom won 5 steem as a small bonus. no jackpot winner was found today. so we'll just continue and wait for the winner! :)


That's really awesome brother and keep up. Stay blessed. 🙂

@ayogom congratulations for winning the Bonus. 🙂