Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes (YouTube)

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Here's my video from this week:

Zionism: Unmasked in 10 minutes


Thank you very much for this video, as a person from the middle east to find some people on the Internet who care much to actually talk about wtf is going in the middle east super important.

if anybody wants more proof and wants to hear more about what actually going on in Palestine check out this video.

and please talk to me about it.

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I hope you post about Palestine on your blog, I'm following you now!

Thank you very much, I will totally do. Thsnk you very much for the support.

Thank you very much for educating others on the blockchain about what zionism is.

Thanks Grace. The confusion between Jewish / Judaic / Zionist is very convenient... to Zionists.

Thank you, young lady, for a very informative peice of work.

Rev. 2:09 & 3:09. Our brother Judah is getting a bad rap from satanic liars posing as Jews. I am a BIBLE beleiving CHRISTian but, not a Zionist.

Good writing, wish you had some compelling video to accompany it.

Also, doesn't their belief in Eschatology mean that they believe that all this has to happen, including rebuilding the temple of Solomon, so that their messiah will return. From that point on Israel will be the top ruling nation in PAX JUDAICA. But for this to happen, obviously the rest of the world would have to be utterly ruined and nations destroyed. Thus it's not just about invading Palestine, it's also about pushing everything possible like debt slavery, cultural Marxism, deracination, SJWs, the destruction of Islam and all countries in the ME, possibly WW3, everything! to collapse the societies of all the powerful nations who could stand up to an Israel that rules the world. And these nutcases are actually trying to make this happen.

yeap, this is all preparation for the false messiah, Ad-Dajjal.

Yes indeed, and it looks like this is heading towards the Malhama. It fits so accurately with what is happening in world events. I must give credit to Sheikh Imran Hosein for educating me about this.

Yes, but even if they dont "believe" its going to happen,
Through there Machevellian tactics, try to make it happen.

지저스 갓뎀 설리 갓뎀

Very interesting! This looks very promising.


Grace, you are one of the go to Content providers that give and produces quality, educational, and entertaining vids, that make sense and are well researched. I found out all about this in the mid 80s.
your a rare jewel.
Im a minnow hatching here,
Good to know your here on Steemit as well.
Im following, and Princey says hello as well!

Great post... It's not just silence from Christian Zionists that bothers me, some are damn right fanatical about it. Surly they must be the definition of a (useful idiot)

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I dont like politic.
But your post is the best
Thank for sharing

no i am not a hitler, yes i accept that, awesome post.

Thanks for sharing.

The most followed religion is that of statism, and it's not even close. Most people around the world are statists, the belief in a state that has a centralized government that controls economic and social affairs. Zionism is another form of statism in a specific area. However if you are a statist, you don't really like freedom, even though you may claim that you do, because you can't have true freedom when you have government that is technically illegitimate in any form when you really break it down. https://steemit.com/freedom/@tgheretic/the-freedom-misconception

Thank you for the great Video.
A while ago, i viewed a interview of a jew in the 1940s Germany.
They belived that the trains will bring them to Madagascar... one more land on their list of countrys which belongs to the jews (as they belive).

I admire your work. Always unexcited, almost relaxing & constantly informative. Thank you, Grace! <3

Thanks Grace. Excellent stuff as always. Resteemed and Up voted.

good contribution

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Excellent work, I know that to keep it down to 10 mins a lot needs to be missed out but I think the "transfer agreement" should be mentioned directly, you mentioned it in passing when you said "land began to be purchased". Those purchases were actively facilitated under the transfer agreement.

This was correct and educational, everyone needs to know this information, it has been intentionally kept from americans while these nutjobs slowly take over our government.

Now the history comes out and israel helped kill JFK and helped with the 9/11 attack which they blamed on their enemies and tricked the united states into war. These are not all jewish, it is a subset of jewish people but they use all the tricks in the book and see all non-jewish people as inferiors to be enslaved.

The primary question on the planet is if they are going to be allowed to expand their borders indefinitely and what will happen to the palestinians.

This truth is reflected in the recent UN vote about Jerusalem. 20+ years ago in high school I took an interest in the issue during the peace talks of the late 90s, and since then the problem has only gotten worse. Now there is a shooting war on the border of israel and syria with israel doing almost all of the firing, and it isn't even reported on television in the united states. That used to be illegal and the United States used to keep Israel's aggression in place. It is primarily Israel's actions to gum up the entire United Nations that keeps the world this way, a nightmare of savage conflict for most of the people born into it.

Ethnic Cleansing in Israel? With %20 of the Israeli population(not including the west bank and gaza) being Arab they sure do a terrible job of it! If you want ethnic cleansing all you have to do is look at all the Arab countries and ask where their Jews are? Bagdad had a 2500 year Jewish community, Ethnically cleansed by the Palestinian Arab leader Amin al-Husseini in 1941 same with all the other countries Jews have lived for a millennia before the Arab conquest and colonization. %50 of the Israeli Jewish population is made up of these displaced Mizrahi Jews but no mention of them in your video only the evil European colonizers, I guess they don't fit your narrative, here is their story if your curious.....

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