3 reasons why I left YouTube for DTube and Steemit

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I quit YouTube a while back to put all my focus and energy into DTube. Since then I have uploaded ALOT of videos to this platform. I wanted to talk about why I made this change, by highlighting 3 key reasons for it.

Firstly, YouTube was becoming extremely selective over the content they recommend.
For example...something with the word "vegan" would be deemed to controversial and they will therefore not recommend it.
Secondly there is all the drama on YouTube which I was really getting sick of. So much drama with the only goal to get more views to your videos. A bit of drama can be good fun but it was really just becoming a cancer on YouTube.

The last reason is the fact that YouTube demonetized all my channels a short while back.
I was already on DTube and stopped uploading to YouTube before this happened, but it was just more proof for me that I made the right choice.

▶️ DTube

you tube takes most of creators profits

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Youtube became so political. Some video makers who were very famous doesn't have anymore their videos on top if YouTube judge that is controversial.

Eh, what a crap...
I am also on Youtube myself, but aside from not getting recommended and occasional idiots claiming my video is theirs I have no other issues.
Why did you get demonetized?
If you can't share please come in Die Hard Steemit on Discord and share what happened, I really would like to know.

I was not advertiser friendly enough for them, ex swearing in my videos, talking about drugs in sport and making a lot of videos on veganism. Advertisers don't want that type of stuff.

is a good choice lad the days of monopoly and hard work without reaping are over all thanks to steemit and dtube

You will not move to dtube if not youtube demonetized your channel though.

I was already on Dtube when YouTube demonetized my channel, like I said in the video.

Sadly YouTube has a lot of problems...
I made a full transition from YouTube to DTube as well

You've made the right choice surely. That's all about trends now. I mentioned about it too on my "Youtube shoots itself in the foot" post.

Interesting story ! Motivational effort my friend !!

You made a good choice for that ! :)

Very good points here. All the best with dtube we hope you crush it ::)

Were you on youtube also? Has something like this happened to you?

And do you think the profit on YouTube is really profit? You're tired of offering something and missing a percentage of your profits. YouTube has become truly opportunistic and does not support the profit of others you must have from 2000 watch until you get some money
YouTube is much better and you can continue to make a profit on your own effort :))

Also YouTube just took monetizaton away from channels that didn't have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours. That is like a stab in the bad to smaller channels

Good choice :) Have you been to Chiang Mai?

Yeah, I was there for about 6 months last year

Ah, I remember you now :)

haha I'm not sure I remember you. Where did we meet?

Were you hanging around with Anna? I was there in late summer, your face is familiar pretty sure I saw you a few times around, or not?

Yeah me and Anna were together a lot, so it was probably me. Cool man! There's so many vegans there you don't get to meet everyone I guess. Will you be in CM again this year?

I just left actually, maybe I'll come back at the end of the year don't know yet. Cool to see so many vegans at steemit :)

that's right
but youtube fall will never be easy
but it will fall in the end :p

good to know..

D.tube is next video sharing neutral and decentralised !!!

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