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Replying to the comments you get on Steemit and DTube is a really good way of building community. It will also certainly help you grow if you are a new content creator on here.

Obviously there are some spam and silly comments which I just ignore.
But when someone puts effort into writing to me and I see the comment I will always reply.
Thanks for watching! And as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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did i pass?


Yes,It's very good sir......

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I came here after getting shot down on YouTube for my conservative views. I enjoyed the community there and I hope to build a community here. On YouTube there was no way to earn an income unless you got quite a large subscriber base, but I did enjoy meeting some online friends there who I still talk with.

Thanks for the tip. I'll look for more of your content.


Thanks for the comment! Yeah YouTube has become extremely liberal and I see them constantly trying to crush conservative channels. I think DTube is a good alternative for small creators, however I will still give people like Mark Dice support there as I feel they are working hard against the mainstream garbage.

@paulsmuts follow back bro. Have a nice day:D

you're doing great as well! Keep it up either :)


Thanks man