I'm not too much into conspiracies and all that, but I just loved the way these videos were produced. Were entertaining to watch

haha you should be everything is a conspiracy but here is the question i posted some good stuff on the shit dollar on my page what do you guys thing is really still holding amerika together? we were suppose to have that global currency reset like over 4 years ago.....everyone im seeing is beyond surprised that they could keep kicking the can down the w road for this long...but i think its confidence and CREDIT i talk about asking ppl for the three main reasons you can still go to the store any buy anything...END THE FED END THE SHIT DOLLAR STOP AMERIKA BEFORE ITS TOO LATE!!

yeah mike maloney videos are fun to watch because the way he explains economic terms is clear and simple to understand .

oh wow i luv to watch mike SELL YOUR GOLD AND BUY SILVER!!