Reminiscing (Original Montage)

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This past weekend a group of friends and I went up to Breckenridge, Colorado for the weekend. It was such a perfect little vacation away from the stress of school and work.

Sometimes it's hard not to get caught up in the constant routines of work and school. You get used to the same schedule everyday and weekend activities, that every once and a while you forget how refreshing it feels to switch it up and get out of a routine.

On our drive back to Boulder, Alex and I were talking about how bittersweet it was to return to reality after such a short-lived getaway with our amazing friends. We spontaneously decided to prolong our journey little bit more to stop to take some photos and videos before returning back home where our studying and work was waiting for us.

As the sun was setting and our shutters were snapping, there was an ominous mood that begun to faintly trickle into our thoughts. Our conversation dwindled down and the music was increased on our last leg of our road trip. When I was filming after the sun had finally set I realized how accurately the surroundings seemed to capture the emotions that we had both felt as we were reminiscing about our weekend adventure.

I loved the videos I captured and after watching them back I was inspired to make a montage of our mutual reminiscence.

I took tons of pictures over the weekend that I've been taking my time editing and sorting through. I cannot wait to share them on Steemit when I'm done! This video was really enjoyable to make. I absolutely love videos because they do such an incredible job of capturing a moment and a feeling.

I'd love to hear your feedback on the video if you have any :)

If you liked the song in this video, make sure you show the artist some love by visiting their soundcloud page.

Video was shot with my Canon t3i rebel and edited with Final Cut Pro

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