Let's get back in time with Soundtrack from Twin Peaks! ☕🍩📻

in video •  2 years ago 

Waiting for the next Twin Peaks episode?

Yeah, me too! While there is still some time to premiere, I want to invite you to get back to old 90's Twin Peaks with this extraordinary music from first seasons on vinyl! My YouTube channel is all about vinyl records but this video is a special one - if you were watching this TV show, you will immediately notice some references! 😉

I'm speaking polish but there are english subtitles, so don't worry!

Before you turn it on I suggest you to make yourself a cup of damn good coffee! ⤵️

Please let me know what you are thinking about it. I'm plan to make more subtitles for my videos, so you can enjoyed all of them in the future! For now I have only one more video with english subs - it's about The Witcher 3 OST (grey frost discs looks amazing!).

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