Ads You Should Watch #1

in video •  2 years ago  (edited)

Ads used to be just about selling products but in recent years, there have been an increase in the number of ads that tell stories. Brands and companies are getting more creative in the advertising videos that they create. Different angles are employed to tell a story that ultimately sells the brand. I love watching clever ads and discover how they can effectively bring across their message in under 2 minutes. So, starting from this post, I’m going to curate some of more interesting ad videos around the world. Take a minute or two, watch an ad, get some inspiration.

IKEA starts off telling us a random fact that lions spend more than 18 hours a day relaxing. If that doesn’t draw your attention, take look at the furry lion man in the video!

(Screen grab from ad video)

IKEA - Lion Man - TV Advert 60” #WonderfulEveryday


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Till next time!

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