NASA's CGI Space Station, proof Here & The Exo-Vatican Covered

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Click the Youtube Version below.

This is a better follow up to my last post which is listed below. The video is slowed down for better viewing.
Things that should not be possible are going on in this video.
Share with the world. this is not supposed to be possible.
And who's behind all this will be shown as well.

The original post is here below.

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Can't view videos but is this more bubbles from their underwater shots in the pool, or...?


yes two of them and also i slow it down so it looks a lot better. also who is behind it and the mount graham telescope named lucifer and the push for aliens to be real. both videos show the bubbles but one has my thoughts and some vatican ties.
try itcanbegreat on youtube all one word i have it there too. good luck