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Want to learn how to create better videos? I will show you step by step how to create high quality videos and upload them... FOR FREE!

Get started right away by watching my new YouTube Channel Trailer below!

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Hi, my name is Joe Parys and for the past 3 years I have been making videos and teaching online full time!

In fact, my videos have been featured on CBS News as well as the Chicago Auto Show, House of Blues, and multiple other companies here in Chicago!

I wanted to share with this community that I have create a NEW YouTube channel just for creating better videos!

You will learn which cameras to use, how to use them, how to edit your videos using iMovie and Final Cut Pro X, Weekly VLOGS and how to VLOG, behind the scenes of video creating, and so much more! I sincerely appreciate the support of this community and I am looking forward to helping YOU create better videos!

Click here to Subscribe! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3tJnaWgbb4bxKDAoPjklXQ

And if you really want to learn HOW TO VLOG and Create WEEKLY VLOGS check out my Bestselling HOW TO VLOG COURSE! https://www.udemy.com/howtovlog/?couponCode=STEEMIT9

Thank you all for your support and enjoy our FREE videos!

Joe Parys

Follow me:

Website: http://www.joeparys.com
Udemy: https://www.udemy.com/user/josephparys/
Steemit: https://steemit.com/@joeparys
YouTube:https: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3tJnaWgbb4bxKDAoPjklXQ
Instagram: @JoeParysAcademy

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I hope none of you fall for this scammy bullshit.

Go shill your scammy trash somewhere else @joeparys. Soon you'll be wasting a lot of money on bots to keep this junk visible.






If this was with good intentions / for free he would have declined a payout.... Instead he made 5 hundo.


@berniesanders I don't see anything wrong with this content. Yeah there is post promotion for other channels where @joeparys is already doing good. At least for now he is not as wrong as haejin, kudasai, that meme contest maker(trending right now). Let's clean the main spammers.


Tell him, he is just being ignorant


Shitty spam is shitty spam. This is shitty monetary ploys that has NOTHING to do with #introduceyourself .
@joeparys, may you get flagged out of steem-existence, you youtube-condoning ignoramus! (Flagged & muted!)

@berniesanders Thank you for being ever so vigilant! 🙏



Thank you @berniesanders, I hope you do not mind this if so let me know and I will edit it and remove it, but your post is at the top and I want everyone to see the report I made to @steemcleaners, we do not need the double standards that keep occuring on steemit.
This is what I submitted to @steemcleaners:

The above individual is a REP level 61 who joined in July 2017. Per your own post
The #introduceyourself tag is meant to be used for one's introductory post -- a post that talks about the author, shares why they joined the community, mentions their goals or dreams, and in general provides an "about me" overview. Typically, this is the first post a new user would make and is therefore the most important post for that person. The #introduceyourself tag is also curated by myriad members and bots who welcome new users to the platform, often with an upvote.

This post does not belong on the introduce yourself tag. This post is for the benefit of the poster only is not an Introductory post at all. I have seen @steemcleaners on numerous times flag and remark on innocent new users post about using the tag introduceyourself many times. Show the steemit community that you really are out to help protect them and comment on and flag this post.


I was wondering what it was doing in that tag myself, seems odd, and deffo out of place

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Thank you for responding, to this blatant abuse of the introduceyourself tag.


hear, hear

It seems really complicated to make such stunning effects but thinking that all those videos came from a smartphone encourages me.


I wanna try this video trick 😊


Would you. I thing so am very insteristing to try it hehe. By the way am @abu.amann firtly on steemit come to my blog. Thanks


Hi Hiro! some did come from a smartphone but not all :D I do use some higher end cameras as well :)


can you give me advice for some app to stabilize video or change light intesivity , if that is possible .
i have some experience with photo but video clips are weaker side .


@hiroyamagishi u can try using viva video app its easy to use too.

Hola amigo mucho gusto, ando comenzando estas comunidad fascinante, me encantaria tus videos los subtitularas en español, seria un gran aporte para los latinos :). Excelente introduceyourself.

Hello friend, I am very happy, I am starting these fascinating community, I would love your videos subtitles in Spanish, it would be a great contribution for the Latinos :). Excellent introduce andourself.

quite amazing details, i'll use your method to to make a trending videos. :)

Nice tutorial :)

wow great


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Great stuff.


I wanted to get into learning HitFilm Express and I mess with the video features. It's a great program but haven't used it for awhile since it's kinda slow for uploading it to Dtube.

I think newbies can make use of this opportunity to learn how to create video for themselves. Well, I know there are so many people who are interested in learning this, and I hope they take their time to learn it and apply it here on steemit.

Thats great . subscribed to youtube . I have been struggling in vloging . Now it seems some air in the house.

My friend is very interesting this way of making the videos is a good way to show the people who are starting on youtube channels that if you can make very good videos with smart phones. Congratulations

I love your videos I hope to upload the quality of my publications

Quick question, in the vlog course do you show how to create the cinematic look?

Great info. I appreciate your post!



When you copy/paste or repeatedly type the same comments you could be mistaken for a bot.

Tips to avoid being flagged

Thank You! ⚜

Right on bro! Good to see you posting useful quality information :)

as you always said that good content pays


Sure. As long as the niche you're in to isn't too saturated. Or if it is indeed saturated, you need to beat all those at the top. Which can be very very difficult.


Thanks for sharing with us!

If you are an established account, please refrain from using the introduceyourself tag for self promotion. Thanks.

Very great tutorial video..
A simple work and tutorial that can generate tremendous potential for young Youtuber ...

Nice video! Keep up the good work man. It helps a lot thank you 😊

https://steemit.com/polish/@canthar/witajcie-bracia-i-siostry-z-polskiej-spolecznosci-d Please help this new steemian build his community - New Content rpg warhammer fantasy!

Thank you for the useful tips. Well done sir.

very helpful, thanks for teaching us creating free video as many of us want to learn more.

Hey @joeparys, I am still looking for the video where you explained all the tricks and tips of creating the the types of videos that you create and posted above.

I have watched about 4 videos on your channel, but I still couldn't find the training videos.

Where are they?


I have an entire video course linked in the post 👍 it had 2.5 plus hours!! Check it out 😎


Ah, okay. I will through all over again. Thank you.

Postingan yang sangat bagus...👍👍

Thank you for all your videos from YouTube. It’s because of your video then I found this site. But the problem for this site is you have to know some people have power like you first, if not even though what I post no body care and can’t make any money. If you can, can you upvote one of my post, when I have Steem I will give it back to you. Thank you!

This will help me with my introduction to the steem family!!!

Ey. I'm making a movie!!

Thanks for the heads up Champ! Suscribed!

That peeked my interest and i will subscribe to your channel to get regular updates

I Watch some your videos before i join to steemit.
Good work and thanks!

Looking good Joe. Looking forward to checking out your material on youtube. What editor do you prefer or does it depend on what you are trying to accomplish? I´ve tried both final cut and adobe premiere and I would have to say that final cut seems faster and smoother to get the job done with, what do you think? Thanks for sharing good content. @upvoted and resteemed

Awesome work Joe,

looking forward to more videos!
Let us know if we can be of any assistance for multi-media support...

email: printprodigy@gmail.com

i will be interested in learning how to create good videos that will on youtube

great content


This is so cool Mr Parys. I'm actually looking at a few small cameras to start shooting some cool videos. This will definitely help..

Who are you joeparys, so my boyfriend wanted to be a successful person in steemit, but I've tried my best in steemit but whatever power may have been my fate bengini. which I pity not a temanpun willing to tell me to be able to behasil in steemit. right now I have a very complicated family problem. My mother desperately needs help from me but I can not help her because I also have nothing now. because I do not have a job anymore, if only I succeeded this distemem wants to suggest I release all the burden of my parents who are all deprived at this time. sorry beforehand if i tell you personal problems with you. but I really want to succeed in steemit, so I can repay my parents' services. please advise my friends

Wow it is cool .... I like it sir view my profile and support me


i would really like to learn from you sir, great video. How we shows the video matters as much as the content true

Hi Joe, thanks for your post and videos i am pretty sure we are learning a lot!!!
good luck!!! and have a wonderful day


Thank you reneparedes!!!

I watched some of you videos

Very interested! I will follow You closely. I have been dabbling in online space ever since I can remember...Editing video game footage like 7 years ago and always felt like I was not good enough.

Now that I'm little...ok, a lot older. I really want to give content creation another shot. I kinda understand now that the key thing to this is that things don't happen overnight. Consistency, grind, dedication is the only thing that will help You improve, alongside great advice of course :)

Eagerly waiting new videos!

you are the best loved it waiting for more

great lesson from your video.. thank you sir

Wow, Amazing post..

hello friends, post you nice and liked by many people, follow me he ..?

PIRACY RULES, i use all softwares downloaded from torrents, for free.. As Simple S That.. ;) I too have a youtube/dtube channel..

thanks to share your tricks...it really awsome

@joeparys how we can get touch with please !!

Hi @joeparys this article is so great! Giving me courage to do videos even though i have no expensive cameras. I always used smartphones too in taking a videos.

It's always been fun to learn stuff from you 😇. I'm also one of your Udemy students. Great Job. Keep It Up. 😇👨🏻‍🎓👍🏻

Great work done... May God bless you always

Hola Joe, me encanto me gusta aprender cosas nuevas y aunque yo no hago videos mis hijas si les gusta me voy a suscribir y a seguirte aqui cuando aprenda como hacerlo soy nueva y eres la primera persona que seguire ya que ve ven interesantes tus publicaciones.

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Thank you for sharing your valuable post

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

Nice creative post.......video and photography are awesome....upvote done.....thanks for sharing.... @joeparys

I like your content because your content type and quality is so good and very educational

I am very interested in making videos but don't know how but now that I have seen an expert who is willing to share his knowledge I am excited already and have subscribed to the youtube channel, looking forward to the roll out of the tutorials.

This is great post for me as beginner of youtuber.

I’ll definitely have to check out your Udemy class!

Hooola habla hispana los espero en mi Blog para que conozcan mi pais Venezuela

Wow, this is amazing... You are my video-Hero creator :-)
Self-promotion, but I liked your videos - and will make resteem..

Guys. He also have some nice movies on d.tube!
https://d.tube/#!/c/joeparys ;-)

Great YouTube channel. Glad I saw this.

Great post, thank you.

vidio ini saya rasa sangat bermanfaat bagi semua manusia, anda telah melakukan pejerjaan yang sangat mulia, mungkin semua orang akan suka post kamu.good luck kawan

Great post, so many good points. Appreciate the help!!

Nice photography and nice video I like you

Naprawde fajny filmik

I have never come across an information as useful as this!

I really like this kind of iniciative, I feel that the easier way to edit a video is using a pc but nowadays smartphones have stunning cameras and great apps to edit videos.

Following you for more knowledge.

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Thank you very very much ! It will really help me. I am planning to start a travel vlog and your tips will be valuable, I believe. Thanks again.

thanks for this precious sharing you share with us. i wil surely try this out soon

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Thank you

Yes, I don't really understand it watching the video, can you follow me and teach me precept upon precept. I will follow you too

I follow you since i joined steemit.Your video is simply outstanding.I already subscribed your channel.Thank's for sharing such informative post.


Awesome thank you and enjoy the channel 😎

As a Steemit noob I think this sounds interesting. You make the whole process look so easy. The thing I like most is your handeling and exploitation of vistas. If I start making videos I will surely seek out your advice. I have twitter series called Cryptosource (a platform for bitesized news alerts) that I am hoping to bring to Steemit. Check it out:
I also plan on adding other Series’ as well to do with exposing scams, ICOs, advice for noobs, tech digests and privacy in crypto.
Now here's a meme I made earlier:



Is this Star Wars meme related more to Star Wars decline or Bitcoin decline?

awesome stuff like alwayas

I am highly interested about learning how to create good videos.I am going to subscribe your new channel.I always try to follow your post.Thanks for sharing with us.@upvoted and resteemed


Nice to this

Wow amaizing. Exuseme am new in steemeit and i just have one post on this. By the way nice to meet you my dear @joeparys

Amazing postings about video tutorials, great work Successfully for you brother