I LOVE DTUBE! Help Me Join DTube Daily?

in video •  5 months ago

In today’s video I’m going to share with you a new video edit! I also need your help in joining Dtube Daily! Post your comments below if you enjoy my videos and if you think I should post here on Dtube exclusively?!

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Keep up keeping dtube strong :)

Beautiful .. Thanks for the information, Glory to the Creator
Great post from you
Thanks for sharing‏..


@slimanepro Its fantastic interface and truly evolutionary, fantastic creation !!!!:)

@joeparys It's great to read your writing, you are very nice for dtube join, I think if I join, then you will get a lot of help from cryptocurrency.what do you think Sir signature_1.gif

Very good vedio again i think u r master in making so beautiful vedio

nice video, we must join as soon as posible in orden to share many goog ideas like you, greetings sir

Gracias por la informacion!!

I love dtube
Thank you for your hard work.
Thank you for sharing

For the first part, I’m pinning all french content. And I’ve created a bot to pin content based on steem tag. But I’m agree, an incentive could be a good way to solve this problem.

Wasn't aware of dtube daily, gonne keep checking this comment section to see whats up

Hi @joeparys, May I ask link discord dtube.

Where have you disappeared to? Hit me up on discord Zainenn#8697. As far as I know being part of dtubedaily is just posting everyday with the hashtag dtubedaily within the post.

I also love d tube and I would like to connect with you. I upvoted your post not for getting something in return but I need a favor from you.

I will be grateful to you if you read my post and find out my mistakes, it will be very helpful for me.

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Thank you ;)

Love the shots in the video so much, so peaceful, detailed and beautiful

Awesome Joe! I wish I had the information for you, I just barely started DTube. I have just been posting from my YouTube channel. It would be hard for me to make the switch entirely, I have been doing YouTube since Nov of 2013 and have built up a decent following there. It finally has good momentum. haha. But I see the huge benefits of DTube and DLive as well.

Hey Hey! What is up, Joe! I am one of the core members of Dtube Daily!
Nice to meet you!

I will share this post further so the person who is responsible for invites gets your message! :)

Good luck and have a beautiful day! :)


Thank you 😊 please do let me know 👍


Seems that I am unable to get you onboard. I am sorry to say this, but I am not the dude who is responsible for everything there so this is out of my reach. I did bring this question about you, but it was denied. GOOD luck with your content creation. Maybe someday something will change, but that is not up to me.


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Hey brotherhood!! How r u doing? So I received the message that you wanted to join the dtubedaily! :) this is awesome! I am one of the co founders, add me on discord Winny#1322 and I'll send you the invitation link ma man ;)

Winny out...for now ;)


This is the guy you want to talk to @joeparys. :)


Thank you @mazzle and @myndnow I have sent you a message on Discord!

Welcome to dtube daily, I make daily videos for more than 70 days, it's really amazing challenge. Now I am even addicted of doing that and sometimes I make two videos or more per day. The quality of your videos is amzing, I hope to see from you daily videos as well, I always watch you on youtube and now I will watch you here as well. ☺

@joeparys I liked the Dtube interface which is very much user friendly and I gone through your videos about Dtube which are very informative for the beginners like me, thank you:)

Superb....... thanks for giving information about Dtube !
its great platform with unique concept ...........

Great post bro and thanks for giving information great job and thankyou for posting this video

tell guys who best between DTUBE and YouTube............... reply

Nice Information about DTube Sir

nice video I have upvoted your video. ,please do the same

Ohhh yeah we would all love to have you on board with us on the @dtubedaily :) that are great news because You are just an awesome guys.

yes your work very nice

Intersting videos thanks for sharing this bro

gr8 editing

A good post
can you give me a free coupon of your this course https://www.udemy.com/steemitcryptocurrency/?couponCode=JPACADEMY9.

This super interesting ... right now I'm missing a community of discord ... Arriba #dtube