The Secret, undiscovered Thai Island Paradise filmed from a Drone

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Quiet beaches, rolling waves, unspoiled views, stunning sunsets and true serenity as far as the eye can see. Such a beautiful place to spend a few afternoons and evenings filming with the drone.

When you watch the video you will be impressed by the sunset shots towards the end of the short film. While filming I did wonder what the other tourists thought of my drone. I hope that I didn't disturb their peace and quiet. I was very mindful of staying well clear of the few people there.

I was quite lucky with one man who was happy for us to film him running across the beach. I felt it best to still keep a distance for artistic effects. I love the silhouette of the kayakers and runners as the sunset takes place and nighttime begins to take hold.

I bet you are wondering where this beautiful island is, all I can share at this time is Thailand. This is a place that should stay quiet and hidden.

Look at how the beach changes with the light and the falling tide. 20171221-DJI_0018.jpg

This was taken from above with the drone. Amazing how the colours of the sand come to life.

Here is one more with the beautiful colours.


I hope you enjoyed this drone video and the few photographs that I shared. Remember to up vote and follow.


Awesome view!

I always find peace in the ocean ....the best place in the world for peace...thanks for the lovely post.... :)

That last photo makes the sand looks pretty cool. Think I recognise the island.

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