Hidden Mojave Lava Tubes of Pisgah Crater

in video •  3 months ago

I took off into the Mojave Desert to explore the hidden lava tubes around Pisgah Crater. The torrential rain meant that I had the whole area all to myself. The beautiful tubes, caves, arches and volcanic rocks make for a great Southern California adventure.

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This post would be perfect there. If you are in SoCal. I hope you will join us. @derekrichardson is our ringleader over there and he's like you with all the adventures :)


Cool, thanks

Hi @jessestlois. Your video is amazing. I couldn't believe this place exists on Earth. It's so beautiful and cruel at the same time. Thank you for showing us this secret part of the world.


Thank you for watching!

Hi jessestlouis,

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great video! you enjoy every minute being together with you getting deeper in the adventure

Howdy sir jessestlouis! This is pretty remarkable. I didn't know lava caves even existed so this is very interesting! Do you always go by yourself? I'd want someone with me in case I twisted and ankle or something. You're brave to go where there are rattlesnakes!


Yeah lava tubes or caves are something that i only learned about a few years ago. Sometimes i go with other people but i also like going by myself. It's nice to be alone in nature. It makes me very relaxed and focused.


Howdy sir jessestlouis! I understand about the being alone in nature, that's a beautiful thing. Thanks so much for getting back to me with the explanation and stay safe out there!