I was sooo wrong about DTube!

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I thought I was doing pretty well on here, but I I've completely underestimated this whole platform and what it means for creators like myself. I never realized the actual value of all the upvotes I've received because I didn't know the actual value of the steem dollar. When I found out i'd underestimated my rewards here by such a serious margin it gave me such a better understanding of what Steemit and DTube are actually capable of. I'm so grateful for this platform and what it means for my life and my livelihood. Thank you for all that have supported me and helped me get this far, it's humbling to see so much support for my passion and I hope I can continue to grow, and help others grow with this great community.

If you are wondering where I get my music I use epidemic sound Music by Epidemic Sound which is mainly for YouTube, but they allow posting on other sites if you have a subscription and give them credit.
(http://www.epidemicsound.com) Their music is the best!
If you want to save a lot of money on an epidemic sound subscription (like I do) you can get it through Talentsy with my affiliate link: https://my.talentsy.com/r/jeffmc963 Thanks!

▶️ DTube

I can't wait to start making videos! What an amazing opportunity! Good luck, Upvoted!

Don't wait! Just hit record! It really is great just finding ways to tell your story and express yourself. Thanks for your support @skycornish

Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.

I'm gonna keep working at it, and I do love what I do. Thanks Poncho!

Abundance is just around the corner, just do what you like most, enjoy it and let it happen!

Thanks @g4fun! That's great advice!

I'm glad for your success. Sometimes one just has to try something new, be patient and keep on doing it, then i will eventually become a success, you proved it.

Thank you Pyro!

Dude you're the fucking man! Straight up. I wish I had those skills. I guess I am the jeffmcmullen of printing though. Haha. I'm so happy you're on dtube daily.

Thanks a lot man! I'm glad to be here!

Love the video, man. Just got on Steemit & Dtube recently, myself. It's a powerful community to be involved with! Welcome!

Thank you Jakob! Welcome!

steem.supply is your friend :) Keep up the great work man.

That's gonna help a lot... Thanks Cap!

Nice video Jeff. We didn't have any snow in years. Was happy to finally see snow this year.
Keep continuing what you're doing and I'm sure you will reach that goal of $60 a day!

Thanks Tim! I'm going to do it. It's just a matter of time!

I recently left work for full time Steemit and love it. You’ll do well here.

Thanks Todd! I've seen some of your videos of working with the OP-1 great stuff man! Keep it up!

I followed you bro. We share the same goal and you have talent. See you on the Steemit streets

I followed back! Thanks man!

Fantastic video Jeff! I'm looking forward to seeing your content in the future so keep you the great work!

Thanks Tricki! I'll keep it coming!

WAAAH!!! There is snow everywhere! Really cool b-roll footage and I love this song from Peter McKinnon’s video. As long as the SBD / USD exchange rate is so high and you get that DTube love regularly it’s indeed a nice amount of money we can make here.
But I won’t rely only on DTube upvotes and that still extremely volatile market. I’m going to wait until the market settles and I won’t be dependent only on DTube upvotes anymore. But hey, I wish you of course as well good luck on being a full-time DTuber!

Thanks Matthias! I'm hoping to keep growing my following so I don't have to rely on the DTube vote either, but it sure is nice when it comes around!

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It does stoke everybody, who were pursuing the dream of what they actually are.

My mind is being blown everyday by capacity of what this platform does to us. it Inspires us to do what we LOVE the most, being ourselves and sharing this crazy adventure of what we live through!

Artakush is afraid he said too much - hides in a bush...

good photo

It's really exciting, I honestly had no idea anything this cool was possible! It really is a game changer.

It feels like it changes/shapes our game every day! Keep on rockin'!

Artakush plants a bush next to his bush...

Glad it's working out fo you @jeffmcmullen, hopefully I can follow suit. All the best!

Thanks Kyle! Just keep posting and reaching out to other people on the platform and you'll go far!

You're my first Dtube sub. So, there's that. How'dya like them apples? Great work!

Thank you! I'm honored 😄

You are doing great my friend keep up the good work!

thanks for the encouragement and support. indeed you are doing great doing the right thing at the right time...

Thank you! I sure hope so!

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