When Alex Jones Pissed Off Bill Cooper And Look What Happened..

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Bill Cooper was definitely a Maverick in his time, if you don't know what that means then I'll tell you. See a Maverick is someone who stands up for the "unrepresented truth", and doesn't back down from sh-t LOL, that basically defines Cooper who for years gave VERY INSIGHTFUL detail about a variety of secret cover-ups, namely how he went about debunking the lunar moon landing missions.

And yes, there will be a video to that down below so you can check that out for yourself.

He exposed countless of occult members for years, and they hated him DEARLY for putting them out into DIRECT SPOTLIGHT, where the mass public would see it and thus would be informed about it (this no doubt destroyed any hidden agendas brought to light thanks to Cooper's efforts to "get it out there to the people of this nation.")

Many would call him a crazed maniac, but sometimes it takes a little "MANIAC EXTREMITY" demonstrated by an individual(s) to get a viewpoint heard as well as pushed across the finish line of denial and deception governed by those who love nothing more but to keep the American Citizens dumbed-down, clueless, put at risk by their own government and high officials in Congress who don't care if you live or die.

I've watched a few of Bill's videos and I have to say that this guy knew a lot about history, entrepreneurship, religion, ethics, and EVEN conspiracy topics, and he was constantly watched by the higher powers who REALLY control what goes on behind the deceptive "Wizard of Oz" curtain (So that means Bill must have been Toto, because he was the one after all that pulled the curtain back to reveal the BS the fake NWO wizard was trying to hide in plain sight from Dorothy and her buddies, LOL.)

But the funniest video had to be the one where he drilled Alex Jones of Infowars for BOGUS commentary that was not true about Cooper, when Jones made false remarks that he had to kick Cooper off of his televised program broadcast down in Texas, this took place a long time ago nearly 20 years to date.

Now I NEVER knew about this particular situation between Jones and Cooper, and what I wanted to know was why did Jones pulled a stunt like that with Bill. I was a bit shocked to learn about this situation, and NEVER really took the time to look deep into it until now. So knowing my slight curiosity, I went a bit deeper and I have seen a few web pages on the net that paints a rather different picture about the entire agenda of Infowars, and Alex Jones.

Rumors about Jones has surfaced before about him as a planted "Shill" for various occult organizations (the Illuminati being painted out as one of the outfits.)

I've listened to Infowars a while back, and it seemed pretty on point a number of years prior to now. But I did notice some suspicious scripted-like type of crazy, well how can one say, good acting type of material being thrown into the mix. So whether of not Jones is pulling the wool over the eyes of his listeners, I can't say 100%, but I would definitely -- TREAD VERY CAREFULLY AS IF WALKING ON THIN ICE -- as to what's really going on behind the scenes with Infowars and Alex Jones.

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