The Himalayas Are Too Beautiful To Be Real!

in #video4 years ago (edited)

I recently spent 2 weeks hiking in the Himalayas towards the basecamp of Mt. Everest and even though it was an absolutely wonderful experience, I had no idea how a place like that could be real.

It was so beautiful I often couldn't believe my eyes. Check out a few photos I took there!

Nepal 5 - 2.jpg

Nepal 9.jpg

Nepal 3 Good PS Edit.jpg

Nepal 10.jpg

Nepal 11 tea 2-2.jpg

What do you think? Would you like to go hiking there yourself? :)

Also, I just posted my first video on about my hike to the Everest Basecamp. Check it out here:


Yeah bro Himalaya is the highest peaks in our world everyone has a dream to climb on it to achieve the Himalayan to go and just make a flag on it on the peak of Himalaya but everyone can dream but everyone cannot achieve it because it's too hard to do it. Of course is beautiful but also a hard journey like life

This is something I seriously want to achieve in my lifetime 😍🌏

You should definitely visit, it's really fun to go there :)

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