The Ben and Lauren Show Episode 5 (D.Tube)

in video •  2 months ago

We had some technical problems that prevented us posting this Saturday night and Sunday. So we present to you the Ben and Lauren show!

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It's delightful not just simple!

It's sleek not just amazing!

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I know what you mean about repair people who order parts without your authorization. They do that here all the time and then they expect you to go and retrieve the part after you pay for it. Now, I just do the research, buy the part and find someone to install it if I can't do it myself.

The last trip back to Canada, who stopped at a chocolate factory which said they hat Mexican chili pepper chocolate bars. We were expecting a totally awesome taste experience. What we got were an insipid tasting chocolate and no heat! It was a sad taste test.

There will be lots of nature sounds for the kids to fall asleep by; crickets, cicadas, frogs, owls and perhaps even raccoons. I remember the last time we took the kids camping, some boys in the next camp over thought it would be fun to give the raccoons a scare. They blew up balloons and coated them with peanut butter and left them out for the raccoons. During the night, we heard the balloons pop, the screaming of frightened raccoons and the raucous laughter of the boys...


Thank you Ceci, I love reading your commentary!

I'm trying to get myself to take the time to learn to do things myself and not rely on paid services. I can only start out small, installing my own trailer hitch was a pretty small job. It must be really tough were you are to find car repair services.

We tried more of the spicy icecream and found that only the chocolate ribbons had any spice and most of the chocolate was pooled at the bottom. So it got pretty hot at the bottom of the pint, but still nothing too intense. At least there was some heat, as advertised. Oh insipid chocolate is terrible, especially when you're expecting something rich and spicy.

I'm hoping my little ones will sleep and not be fussy at night while we're camping. In 2016 camping around this time we had a few nights were they cried. When it's so quiet outside and I know many people are sleeping, I really don't want my noisy children to disturb them. That's hilarious about the raccoons and balloons, maybe we should try something like that!

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