1 Step Fix To Your Priorities

in video •  2 years ago 

This is a cool little trick I read about. I'm passing it on to you in proper DTube fashion.

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What I do is handle one task at a time and give everything equal time even though they may not have an equal outcome

that's a good way to approach it

Çool video @happymoneyman. I might need a larger glass..too much rocks and sand! Nice tip though..cheers! :)

hahha I know. I think i need a 5 gallon bucket sometimes.
Cheers scalerman

Yup, I agree with @scalerman, awesome vid and nice intro animation, thank you for sharing about the nice concept about creative visualization between, the big stones, marbles and the sand. You are right, we must focus on the big picture and everything must fit and organized.

My priorities are all screwed up to be honest. I think I need to go to rehab for crypto addiction.

exactly why I made this video. my eyes are crossing. My legs are getting jelly. Crypto is slowly stealing my soul... and I LOVE IT. ahaha

feel you, brother :S

Neat idea - you just have to careful not to drop the big stones in too hard else the whole glass might shatter...

[Neat background to the video - is that by greenscreening? Sorry I'm a noob on all things video.]

haha good call. no throwing the big rocks. Things could get messy.
Yea, i have a green screen. So really, I'm just standing in a shed talking to myself.
Don't tell anyone. ahhahaha

thats called the coil trick!

thanks sheik

Nothing better than keeping our lives organized! :)

absolutely. every little trick helps

Yea man. Thanks for the great content!

I love this metaphor but i actually tried this in real life and some marbles didnt fit... but when I put in one large rock, then a couple marbles, then another large rock, then a few more marbles (etc) and finished with sand; it all went in!
Maybe that's the really key?
....wait, are you basically just saying DO the important things first? Coz thats all that proiritising is..

Exactly. Sometimes it's easy to get caught up in the small stuff. This is just a good way to visualize and help myself remember. Prioritize

Just commented on your YouTube video, it’s great! Give me a follow!

cool, thanks brandon

I like the stone and sand metaphor. It reminds me of my latest project of garden terrariums. Stones first, then sand, then soil and plants!
It is so such a great exercise!20180112_151249.jpg

looks great. nice work


good advices friend

The old school happymoneyman rocks :)) These little trivia style videos were always fun, I'm glad you brought them back.

The famous Big Rock Time Management Tool! It makes so much sense. I used to teach that (only I used Ferrero Rocher and M&M's to demonstrate it) but I'm still totally disorganised at the moment... 😂

wow that was very useful for me to check out thanks for sharing this amazing video :)