Seeking the Sunset Travel Drone Film

in video •  last year

Below my latest video :) Enjoy

I shot it at the Black Forest in Germany. We took the Mercedes-Benz Viano Westfalia edition to travel to the Black Forest and take some drone shots by sunset. Traveling with this car is amazing because up to four people can sleep in there, cook and shower. And with the 230hp you can travel fast with much luggage. The trip was very fun. Below the video you can find some photos i took with the mavic pro at the sunset.

I used my Sony Alpha 7sii with the 24-105mm with the Tiffen Vario ND Filter to shoot the video. Drone footage is from my DJI Mavic pro with the Mavic ND Filters.



Music: It's All On U (T-Mass & Lzrd Remix) Illenium feat Liam O'Donnell

Eric Wetzel Design

Used Gear
►Sony A7S2*
►Sigma MC-11 Adapter*
►Canon 24-105 f4*
►Tiffen Vario ND Filter*
►DJI Mavic Pro*
►DJI Mavic ND Filter*

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Beautiful drone footage. I love these little things!

Wow this is nice

WOW, nice clip! ⚡️

Wenn du das nächste mal weiter weg musst und mit deinem 🏎 nicht hin kommst findest du bei uns günstige Flüge! ✈️

so beautiful pictures! unbelievable , amazing ! thanks for sharing !

Definitely worth an upvote and a resteem :]

I Request for everyone
follow me upvote my posts
thanks regards
Saeed Iqbal

Yes! More Steemit-Filmmakers! We must stick together! Keep up the great work!
I will check out your other stuff right now, Eric.

Thank you!



Followed you instantly ;D

Nice shots. Germany is indeed a nice place.

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Wow! What a beautiful travel! Nice video! :)

I giv u vote u cn giv me vote n lik my videos n i follow u n follow me plz plz plz

Then its got to be a car with a lot of energy. I love Germany, and i love the car

Nice clean shots the coverage well done bruh

Absolutely brilliant, what a lovely place to travel through and take memorable shots!

Definitely upvoted! Loved the video. Nice music too! Great work :) I've been thinking about doing some drone work as well... Maybe in the future:)
Check @ryanne to see my latest travel post :)

Nicely done, looks fun. Be well bro. @finkistinger

I simply love your articles, what great content and quality of posting you offer the community here on Steemit and abroad.

Thanks a lot :)

The car is really very spacious! I loved watching the video, the scenery along the way was beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

amazing video and that car looks very comfortable!

Beautiful shots! Especially the photo! Luckily for me I live next to Germany and it's just a drive away! I love all the hidden gems in Germany. Castle's like fairytales and beautiful nature!

Super nice footage! Also good song pick :-)