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RE: 🔍 Power User Screencast EP1: @enazwahsdarb aka Zane Bradshaw

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My man, I did not realize you actually made an entire video about me! I saw your thumbnail when you posted it on a comment on one of my posts, but didn't realize until now you were actually telling me about this haha!

The story of how I found this was quite funny actually. I was testing Google Voice-Typing on my phone just now, and the 'test' phrase I said to the phone was 'Zane Bradshaw Steemit'.
And so your result (this post) was the top result. That's when I found out you made this video.
I appreciate what you did here! Super-duper cool to see. I appreciate all the compliments, and I also appreciate your honesty!
I have of course upvoted and resteemed :)


Hey, thanks for checking out my little experiment here. It worked rather nicely. ;)

Funny how you found the post. I am glad you did! Crazy how well SEO works here.

Thank you for the resteem and of course for all the nice insights that I have carefully tested myself already.

Yeah brother, it was awesome!

The SEO.. Crazy right!? And what's even more amazing is that this site's domain authority is only going to increase as we get more traffic!

No problem :) Team work to make the dream work.

More like steem work to make the dream work

Lol, that's a really good one, @tojukaka! :D

I actually think @ned quoted that on Twitter the one time :)

Nice, I got my own Graphic! Thanks! :)

I see you pimped your comments with the deviders. Looks cool. Hoever in the reply tab it looks strange because the images will always be shown as preview. Not bad but you should consider that.

Yeah thanks for that. I actually did realize that, and I reckon I have a solution. Just getting things ready :)