Hutu or Tutsi? Na Wewe!

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Cruelti has no Nacionality 

Let me share the diamond of short cinema - in 18 minuts we can FEEL - absolutely stunning, smiling, and heartbreaking story of the whole nations...

I received an interesting experience - watched the film without subtitles and translation - the film intuitively leads the beholder through thickness of of human emotions ... a paradise for empathic ...

18 minutes. from a smiling to crying man...

"Na wewe" means "you too" in Kurundi, because this is definitely not a topic concerning only Hutus and Tutsis. It concerns all of us no matter where we are... I dream that one day all people on Earth will be united under the pennant of Light, Love and Music... Of course in the Blockchain Club   ^____^

Important! the film is not in free access(difficult to find quality) - try to find  a movie by yourself  - not to break the impression

links : film with russian  subtitles(torrent file)

english subtitles Use the buttons - [ and ] to synchronize titles (KM Player) 

soundtrack :



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I watched Hotel RWanda the other day; it also dealt with the Hutu-Tutsi conflict. It is indeed a great tragedy of the human species that such senseless enmity exists.(´_`)