Going Deeper - I've spent 24 hours in the London Underground. THIS IS THE FILM !

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Dear Steemians,

This is the first documentary I have filmed! When I was only driven by my curiosity and I was greedy to intervene in the world and mess things up a bit. Of course I am still doing it, but professionalism has distorted the innocent look I used to have and consequently the way I film - I am afraid.

Now, think about it.
Every day, almost 4 million people take the London Underground. They are one of the most heterogeneous and multi-ethnic community in the world. Who are they? Where are they coming from? Where are they going?
We spend a great part of our days extremely close to people that we ignore. I wanted to explore this moment of transition, this space of missed encounters. Hence, I decided to talk to them.

It's only 10 minutes watch. Enjoy!

So, how did you find it? Let me know on the comments and share some stories and anecdotes from your underground adventures.

Filming this documentary gave me a unique insight in the London Underground. Besides the contrasts, I am strongly convinced that you will be able to see the similarities, connect the dots and find a link within what seems to be a continuous stream of thoughts.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 18.50.57.png

In London, commuters spend on average 75 minutes a day travelling to and from work. That is the equivalent of five weeks a year. They are mostly sleepy in the morning and tired on the way back. We spend a great part of our days underground, so close to people that we ignore, just waiting to come back to the surface.
You can come across the carpenter who still wears his dirty coverall. The man with the suit sitting next to him might be a successful entrepreneur.
A young girl with the veil is applying her make-up while a distinguished gentleman is reading the newspaper, slightly peeved by a bunch of teenagers yelling few seats further on.
And then students, married couples and lovers, an unemployed guy holding his CV in his hand, buskers, drunkards and a considerable amount of bizarre characters. And an EXORCIST - LIKE THIS GUY BELOW!
Tourists from all over the world crowd the most central stations and enrich this moving melting pot.

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 18.41.56.png

Every carriage is a world itself, a microcosm, a compressed extract of humanity.

African and Asian people are almost one third of London inhabitants. Muslims, Hindu and other minority religions are the 20%.

I have always been fascinated by the idea that such a mixture of cultures, religions, generations and social classes travel on the same train without any sort of communication and interaction, except when it comes to make room for an elderly lady, give a reproachful look or – why not – a leer. The majority of people on the Tube try to maintain their private space by playing video games on their phone/tablets, listening to music or reading books/newspapers/the advertisements over their heads.

When travelling in the underground it is clear how people comply with common rules of behaviour. Especially in London, a British discrete attitude contributes to create a relaxed and comfortable environment, but doesn’t satisfy our curiosity of knowing who our fellow passengers really are. It is of course still a way of moving from one destination to another. However it might be thought of as more than pass time. People will either find themselves at ease and answer, refuse politely or perform a character which will only exist for the duration of the journey. Yes, because they can act, and just make things up! Isn't that a great chance to pretend to be someone else?

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 18.37.44.png

Try to do the same! If you live in a big city and take the underground talk to the people next to you! Ask them what they were thinking before you show up, just to break the ice. I believe that the underground is one of the few places that allows you to breath and take a break from the chaotic city-life. It gives people pause for thought, and you can bond with strangers in a relaxed way. They may seem like they want to keep their privacy (overall in London) but they are probably incredibly bored and they would love some company! You won't regret it! Let me know how that goes...

Yours, Alessandro

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Love your blog Elli! Here's 5/5 :)

Polar Bear for life!

Cheers! from @thedamus

Thanks @thedamus

More films are coming soon!

How do you manage to film people in public? Isnt that illegal? I also feel bad, when i tape people in public.

Well, it depends. We obviously asked the people if we could interview them and many of them said no. We always try to let them say on camera that they agree to this interview.

With normal travellers... it's of to film them as long as you don't single them out. But with most of the people we asked - after filming them secretly - if it's ok to use their image for a short film.


Wow, that was a roller coaster of emotions. Brilliantly shot. I am not sure one can do this in the Mumbai locals, there are just too many people! But it's a wonderful idea and I will suggest this to my film maker friends. 😊
Following you for more :)

Discovered through @ocd

Hey @hardikv! thanks a lot. You have got a great voice, really warm and dreamy. I am following you now! I have heard that Ragas "change the colours in your mind". How does that work ?

Indian Ragas are based on time of the day and different ragas evoke different mood.
Is that what you are talking about?

Super nice, fun idea to! went to London last week.
Very interesting take to make small film out of it, and you are right so many people so many stories.
Enjoyed it, will keep an eye out for your next blogs
Keep them coming
i love trevaling and meeting people

Thanks @heyitshaas ! I see you are travelling a lot. I am following you now. Stay tuned here because a full documentary series is coming!

Nice! you know what I will resteem your post just to create some more awareness, I like the way its made.
Enjoy your night

Mal ne ganz andere Perspektive :)

Viel Danken @asperger-kids

great work i really liked it

Thank you @fazilmenon! What type of passenger are you?

This is amazing stuff Elena. Soo different and unique. Love watching amd reading your posts. Truly amazing talent indeed. Keep steeming.

Thanks @nainaztengra ! We are going to release a whole documentary series here so yes! There will be more coming

lol wise yoda 71 year old, a diverse selection there. what appears to be shared is the lessons learned from each of their lives to impart knowledge onto you?

Hello @outtayoubox I didn't want to impose any lesson or message with this documentary, a part from shaking up people and encouraging everybody to talk a bit more with each other instead of staring at their phones! When I came back home I felt that I was enriched by the conversations. Nevertheless, I felt relieved to be reemerged from underground!

yes, using a laissez-faire approach gave a more meaningful experience imo. looking forward to your future pieces!

great post related to underground. 2 Years ago, i have been to London for business trip. What was a great international city .. Thanks for great posting.

Thanks @steemitjp stay tuned for more posts from London!

Followed and upvote..

I am following you to Japan!

Hi @elenahornfilm,

Here I am again. This is really great to read and to watch. I think this post can use some more attention so I would like to nominate you for tomorrow's OCD Daily. If you accept please let me know in time.


Hi @cem , these are amazing news. Thank you. We are honoured.

We are reallz glad you like it. We put a lot of care into the film and the text.

We are looking forward to tomorrows OCD!

All the best!
Ale & Elena

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