Watch the whale blow!

in video •  4 months ago

Here you can see the SteemWhale from up close, with classic sailing boats and the town of Harlingen in the background. I made two videos last Sunday night.

The first time it went so fast, the sperm whale already started to spray before I had my camera ready:

I didn't lie when i said it sounds like a fart, did I? Sometimes the whale needs some time to recharge and it takes longer than 3 seconds. Here you can see a spray from start to finish:

The videos are on Youtube - I'll start using Dtube when it works reliably.

As you can see, someone painted the text 'Free Willy' on the whale. I didn't think very deeply about it, thought it was a funny slogan for a whale stuck in the harbor, and I used it in my memo text:

free willy.png

Then I had to explain to @roelandp that I hadn't written this on the whale and I wasn't taunting him. Apparently, some vandal must have left the graffiti at low tide recently.

The other memo texts are teasing the local Frisians for losing to Holland at their national sport, the ditch vault.

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This is going to be a Mekka for steemians!

Great - I should visit the whale, too.
BTW: dtube indeed is not the best platform and taking lots of percentages from the votes one receives compared to what they deliver.
Did you try dlive which is not only for live videos?



Oooops - I just read the comments and see I'm not the first to recommend dlive :)

My photo

That stinks someone would do that to our SteemWhale! :( Have you tried @dlive yet to upload videos? They use their own servers so it seems to be more reliable.


I'll give it a try - thanks for the tip. Dlive wasn't on my radar because I'm not interested in streaming, but I see they also host pre-made videos.


Yeah and they also don't take any beneficiary award on your videos either which is a nice plus. The only thing that I really miss from YouTube is that they don't offer yet is embedded videos yet.

Awesome! Very cool that you got to visit. I hope to see it myself someday too

It's a shame someone felt the need to vandalise the whale. Are many people going to look at it?


I didn't see anyone visiting the SteemWhale specifically, but it's a popular hangout for locals as well as young German tourists who go sailing on the ships in the background. This harbour is located between the city centre, a train station, a ferry terminal and a public beach.

This is a really terrific to see the blowing whale in front of you. You have captured it very smoothly.

Amazing toy for grown ups!
He should have a friend! So he could hang out with the same kind after work!!
Always like whales and dolphins, I believe they are smarter than humans!


To see one in real life must be amazing.

it's a pitty for the huge whale :(

plz do somthing to help out !

bluengel_i_g.jpg Created by : mipha thanks :)항상 행복한 하루 보내셔용^^ 감사합니다 ^^

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Nice its been nice to see new ideas and efforts everyday... 😄😄😄