DTube is getting 25% of Your Author Rewards! UNFAIR? Let's talk about it.

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I'm putting this video out there because there might be some of you who are unaware of the 25% from your author rewards that's going to DTube. I had a fairly lengthy discussion with someone in the Discord chat about whether it was fair or unfair or whether it was risky to upload on DTube vs just uploading to YouTube directly and just embeding it in the steemit blog. They had a different opinion which I respect and I break down the difference between just embeding a video on YT and uploading it directly to DTube. I also offer some suggestions for people who think it's unfair or aren't willing to take that risk.

Ultimately, the decision is yours. For me, I'll continue to upload on DTube because I think the 25% for now is fair. If you're producing good content that is helpful/entertaining/informational/of value and enjoy doing it, then DTube is the platform to be on. Some might think it's a steep fee, but for now, at DTube's infancy, I believe it's fair.

But that's my opinion, let me know what you think and if you disagree, what are some other options? I'd love to know in the comments below.

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I think 25% is ok considering what youtube/google takes.

I agree 100%

yes i agree with you

This is a good thing for long-term project viability. A recent example was the ZClassic fork from ZCash. ZCash changed a 25% fee and ZClassic didn’t believe the fees were necessary. ZClassic has sense tanked whil the fee charging ZCash is still strongly in the game. If you’re doing something that adds tremendous value, then you should get compensated for pushing the blockchain forward! Thanks for the post!! Resteem

We can not call it unfair, it's a business. But you may consider using bots on your dtube or any other third party apps on steem like dmania/busy/utopian....because it's pure loss for minnows and small users unless they get extra votes, and in my experience most of them still favors big users or well known names while giving their big bot votes, dtube is first on it.

25 percent is alot

You can upload videos to DLive and DLives does not take cut.

25% fee is an invitation for competitors to come and take a portion of the cake for a smaller percentage.
By the way, I think DLive is "charging" nothing.

Haven't tried DLive yet, but I've heard some good things! So far I don't see any competitors to DTube, but I'm sure that is inevitable.

This is complete fair they have bills to pay too, like storage

I'm on Youtube, have several channels currently and had several channels making over 2k each per month taken down for no reason at all.

Lesson, you aren't entitled to anything, even after you've done everything right. A 25% haircut on profits you otherwise wouldn't generate, is beyond fair. Google keeps much more and will can you in an instant no matter how straight a line you walk. If it's in the cards, they get you gone when they want.

As far as I am concerned, the author rewards haircut conversation is a non starter. Easy way to get around that? Increase your creation rate by 25%.

Not fair? Some think it isn't fair that dtube gives everyone the opportunity to earn with terms in plain English, and then have the audacity to complain about sharing the wealth, when they already agreed to it in the first place.

Just sayin, my 2 cent. Cheers.

Those are all great points! I wish I said some of those in the videos. Great 2 cents! Worth 2000 cents!! :) 🙏

Thanks. I appreciate your response. I look forward to following you on Dtube.

They gotta pay for the hosting fees somehow.

Very true. With most of the content on DTUBE in the low earning range I bet it can get pricey.

Awesome points. I have a family friendly channel, not making any money but I didn’t care, just love making videos. I finally hit a spike in subscribers, getting over 1000 in a month. But then YouTube shut my channel down. 😞. No reason. No explanation.

Yeah it's happening a lot and no reason given and appeals for restoration denied. This si why Dtube will grow. There is no threat of unexplained termination there on Dtube.

Some of my YouTube channels were banned, too. Also banned on Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Also, google takes 40% I heard...I'm not sure about that percentage exactly, they are just more sneaky and can hide it behind ads. People don't realize that.

Beauty and brains, that's what I've always said about @alphasteem, guys. Beauty and rains. Don't understeem the alphasteem. :fistbump:

And by the way it’s only 25% from your Steem Power they take! This means as long as you only pay out your SBDs and you’re not powering down what DTube takes it doesn’t hurt you in any way!
And why shouldn’t they earn money for offering this service, working on the platform, running the servers, etc.? Everybody wants to be paid for its work and live from something.

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