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Economic Insider Reveals Secrets Privy Only To a Few: The Coming Months Are Going To Be Wild

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Here's the thing. I have been working behind the scenes on global economic issue for the last five years. This analysis is ok as far as it goes, but it's going nowhere. It is stuck in the present slave labour, resources rich, poverty conscious mentality. Trying to keep your head above water in this environment today, and it's getting worse, would be Impossible if significant change were not on the way.

There is a huge amount of cash coming into the world financial system. It's called a Monetary Emission. The old money and the old economy are being driven into the ground for a reason. It is the only way to bring out the new. In addition, Basel III rules are now implemented and banks have new restrictions placed on them. Since WWII the world has been the dog and America wags the tale that keeps that dog in balance. That is all changing. This is what we are seeing. It is a tectonic global shift in power.

Watch for more jobs and more opportunities for new careers, debt forgiveness and universal basic income going soon. There is a new broom in town and it is sweeping the place clean for you and me. Be happy. It's going to be great!

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So on point... keep sharing good info

The Bankers rule the world. The Zionists rule the bankers and dominate influence over too many governments. All of the economic crises and all of the corruption however pale into significance when you look at the bigger picture. We have destroyed our beautiful long-suffering planet. The shit is going to hit the fan, for each and every one of us, rich or poor. Look at the work of Kevin Hesyer or Guy MacPherson. Time is running out. By the time we see the artillery shell that is approaching there really will be little time todo anything. Even runing for cover will only be an option for those already running in that direction! It will not be a financial meltdown, or extreme weather, or runa-away global warming, or mega pollution of the entire Pacific Ocean with radioactive material leaking continuously from Fuluskima for the last seven years, and the massive ocean life die offs happehing as a consequence, or methane leaks and polluted ground water from fracking. It´ll be a shit storm all together!!!