→ Mega Man Orchestral Performance

in video •  6 months ago

I haven't been a gamer for a long time, but I still have fond memories from my childhood of powering through NES and Super NES games. One of my favorites was always Mega Man. I owned the first and despite it being known as the uber-tough one, I mastered it simply because it was one of the few games I owned. I didn't own 2 and 3, but I rented both of them often enough that I might as well have owned them. I never played any more on the NES, but those first three were always among my favorite games, both for the game play and for the amazingly catchy music.

I came across this on youtube the other day and my jaw dropped. It is fantastic! I was instantly a child again. If you enjoy Mega Man at all, you will love this. Turn it up or get out a good pair of headphones.

By the way, @schattenjaeger has been playing through the Mega Man X games lately. I've been enjoying his posts about his playthrough. You might too. Go check them out.

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Back when I had my own website, I used to post a few random links everyday or every few days, in the style of http://kottke.org or http://daringfireball.net. Readers seemed to enjoy seeing them.

I will put an arrow (→) at the beginning of the title to show you guys it is a link post and that you can skip it if such things don't interest you.

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