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I watched this years ago. Its actually worth a watch, its actually pretty informative and entertaining

One of the best cartoons that are worth to watch. Its good to have more people aware of this problem and its good to educate kids from early ages about this.

I am going to show this to my friends

I'm surprised sofar how I didnt hear about this and how I didn't watch it

Everything in that story is factual. I wonder when people will rise up against them??

Everyone across the globe when they hear about America is instilled with this idea that America is the land where your dreams can come true. A land of freedom, a land of equal opportunity but this isn't the case no longer. American is about self-sufficiency, and if you can't make it in the world yourself, no one will be there to help you, you are left to rot at the bottom.

Making more problems doesn't solve any of them. It's true that a lot of funds from taxes aren't used as they needed to. But won't it be even worse if the existing system collapses? Anarchy won't do any good. It will bring only chaos. There will always be another leader and a group of people behind him with a way to control others, no?)


The problems are so complex that any solution that is reality based is soooooo painful. There is no political will to solve problems.....It will be a collapse at some point....who knows when.

Wow, it's been a while I last saw this video but it surely feels still spot on. Thanks for sharing!

Its a very good video! because its true and people dont understand...