Welcome to Ukraine - the largest country within Europe and my home

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Hey fellow steemers. Noticed there isn't a single tag about #Ukraine, so i want to introduce you my lovely country, a country of great people, majestic mountains, warm sea, rich rivers , fertile grounds and endless plains, all seasoned with love and beauty.

This first video is official gov's video, i was surprised when saw it, since it's really not bad :)

This particular video is my favorite. All major places are covered pretty cool and scenic

This is more emotional video, more "usual". non-tourist places are covered here:

This one is tilt-sift video, shot with a special lenses, looks funny. This is a small central part of capital city, Kiev, including old Andriyivskyy Descent, a historic descent connecting Kiev's Upper Town neighborhood and the historically commercial Podil neighborhood. Considered as an "art" part of city.

Hope you enjoyed the videos, please share your thoughts in replies

Welcome to Ukraine!

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Привет !!! Рада что нас становится все больше )

At last someone did it)

I just had to ;)

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