Oh gotcha, I use Steempeak which filters out spam. I see there are comments but it does not show them. I check them on steemit and yeah pretty gross.

Try using Steempeak and see how you like it. It filters out stuff like that.

Thanks. That would be great. Please send me the link 🙏 Have a great day and stay safe.

Goto and login using your private posting key and username.

If you have troubles doing that, we can chat on Discord. Or some other way, id be happy to help you.

Thanks so much. If I login then would that mean a new account or transfer from Steemit to steempeak. Just checking. Stay safe 💐

If you login, it would be using the same account that you had on steemit.

You can log into apps like Partiko, eSteem, Steempeak and others without creating a new account. Just login with your @clitadias


Click steemconnect.


Press continue


Your username is @clitadias and your password is your private posting key. After pressing get started you may have to press approve or contenuie. Eventually through the prompts you will be logged into Steempeak. A much better dApp that Steemit. And by using Steempeak that user with the image spam wont show up.

Thank you so much for your help. You're so patient 🙏

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