How To Show Hidden Files In USB Flash Drive

in video •  2 years ago 

In this video will show how to show hidden files in USB flash drive by virus. You can do it yourself at home.

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Needful share :)

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Nice tutorial, but I'm worried that viruses would spread all over the system because the flashdrive that you have opened that might contained lots of virus.

Do not double click on flash drive so the virus can not spread.

Whether you double click or not, most of the virus would still spread by just opening the flash drive. Just a little change on your batch file then run it on the desktop would be better way for this man. :)

Thanks for this information.

It works, I have proved it, could be the reference for anyone, so we need no worry if our files hidden by the viruses.

Yes and thanks for comment.

Thank so much, it's was helpful for me