Cambodia #25: Amazing Fishes Catching In Cambodia

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Fishes catching is an activity that Cambodian people always do in order to get fishes for their daily life. If they can catch a lot of fishes, they can use some fish for selling in the local market to get some money for their living. 

We can catch fishes by using fishing gear, net, hand, … but today I will share one effective technique by using bamboo deep hole that can catch a lot of fishes in Cambodia. We need to dig a deep hole for fishes to go to that hole. Please remember that find the area that fishes swim across so you can catch a lot of fishes. 


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Wonderful fish trap :)

It is very effective.

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Esta buenísimo eso! Jamas habría pensado que se podía atrapar peces así y haya cangrejos se llevo!


What an interesting fishing technique!

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Wowww... it's a very smart trap.


amazing fish catching system


really easy n good post, this video verry good


Wow, fish, crabs and I assume Eeels, or are those snakes?


That's so clever and cool! Upvoted:)

Thanks and this is an effective technique.

good post


This is amazing @Chantha. Thanks for sharing.


That's a lot of fish, @chantha... Why do the fish want to swim up into the bamboo?? I've seen this before and that's the part I don't understand.

Thanks for the post. Maybe next time you can share a bit about how you constructed this, and who taught you how to fish.

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The fish will swim to mud to enjoy something during at night or cold weather.

Great post.. I enjoyed it! Upvoted!
Keep up sharing things like that :)


Very creative..and good idea for catching fish..great post


what causes them to travel up the bamboo pipes?

I think they want to enjoying something like mub.