Game of Thrones Season 8 Predictions Theon Yara Daenarys Targaryn and Bran Stark

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I hope Theon will abandon his last reek vestiges and redeem himself this season. On the other hand, I think the theory that Bran is the Night king is more of a fans invention than something that George R.R. Martin would think. Sometimes fans imagine more than they need to. Although who knows, the truth is that this theory is very well developed hahaha


Theon is my favorite character after he was captured but i want him to win too thanks for the comment very thoughtful


I Hope Theon does redeem himself as well he deserves to go out with a bang if he does we will be sad either way. Yes the theory on Knight King being bran is very plausible it makes you wonder why the knight king can track bran and also when he started asking questions the 3 eye raven who dissipated was acting strange so yes you are clever! We appreciate your thoughtful comment it inspires us to create more content like this hope you do not mind? See more videos like this that are 100Xs better on Channelclipz our site we created for all creators we pay it forward by sharing and commenting on various work of independent creators we would like if you can stop in and let us know what you think?