@berniesanders D!ldo Video

in #video5 years ago

Hey Caligula uh Bernie uh Mr Butt Hurt ,

I see that just LIKE Caligula you try to destroy anyone who you walk past- that does not immediately agree to put on that well-worn STRAP-ON you have & partake in Rear Ending you all night Long- as you're down all fours- on you GOLDEN ELEVATED STAGE putting on a "ROSE BUD" Show for your army of sycophants to view.

Still man, I don't know how you can live with that FULL RECTAL PROLAPSE AFTERWARDS. One would think you Bernie Butt Plug Butt Hurt would get tiered of defecating in diapers all day long.

But then us mere human mortals really have no TRUE COMPREHENSION of the twisted Delights a Sex Demon Tyrant with an ANAL RAMMING ADDICTION such as yourself- find ENJOYMENT IN.

Anyway Mr. Bernie Butt Plug Butt Hurt, I've been meaning to ask- how did you like my song & video?

You wanna me make you another Musical Movie Tribute to you, Steemit's Golden God of Rectal Prolapse?

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