Innovation Is Possible Through Discomfort

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This Is Gary Vee, He's A Marketer And Smart As Hell

I watch all his videos and take all his advice. I got some caffeine and got inspired by what he was talking about and so I wanted to post something that you can relate to. I've given some advice to a few people on their business lately.  I find that most of the advice I gave involved things that these business owners were new to. Like livestreaming, social media, apps, cryptocurrency, and different forms of promo and marketing. This is what I came up with lol ;D

New Ideas Feel Different

The most dangerous place on Earth the comfort zone without new metrics we cannot fully measure the potential of an idea. Never stop learning and always be a student to your craft. Masters of their craft have learned the different dimensions of applied skill. To become what we never imagined we must implement things that will help us achieve the unimagined. We should accept different perspectives because star players can't see themselves from the bleachers. 

When Everyone Else Paints In Safe "Blues", We Should Be Encouraged To Paint In "Bright Reds". 

Stretch your mind, stretch your ideas, and that will result in stretching the possible. If your goal is based on results, then we must also be accepting of the unconventional. We must also never contain ourselves to the idea of who "we are" to ourselves because the world might see us as something "beyond". Accept new changes as a challenge and embrace the possibilities that seem scary.

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I love your caption
Innovation is unique creative thinking in display.

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