How to Get More Views on YouTube in 2018 | Watch Time Is Gold

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Learn how to get views on YouTube in 2018 by effectively using this one  thing in your analytics. I share, with screenshots, exactly what you  need to keep your eye on to get awesome results in 2018 so you can get  more views and subscribers.

Get Your Watch Time Up

They are saying that youtube will reward content creators that can keep veiwers on the platform as long as possible. If you can send traffic to similar videos then they will credit you with watchtime points. Watchtime points is activity that the algorithm watches and creates playlists and featured videos with. Great knowledg to know if your trying to make a splash on youtube. Keep them watching and engaging and youtube will do the rest. :D


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i think its help me to increase views on my youtube channel ..thanks

Really appreciate this post, looking to improve my you-tube channel views..cheers !