BuzzCoin Blockchain Implementing IoT Solutions for SmartHive & Consumer Energy Management!

in video •  10 months ago

I believe 2018 will be the year for some of the most profound cryptocurrency developments thus far! Connectivity and Smart Devices will merge with the blockchain as we see a rise in the "Internet of Things". I want to take this time to share with you my thoughts about a Proof of Stake coin known as BuzzCoin that could show the cryptoworld some impressive moves in the months to come. Check out their road map and much more!

The views expressed on this video blog are my own and not intended to be interpreted as investment advice.


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2018 is damn good for investing into cryptos buh one needs to be careful because some fucking scammers out there are ready to hit the fuck out of someone's ass

Welcome back!

It's good to see you posting on Steemit again. I also think there's a lot of potential in the Internet of Things space with crypto. I see anything that brings more decentralization as a good thing. It's difficult to see how this would work with power distribution.

I wonder if power could be delivered in vehicles (think batteries that could power a home for more than a week) instead of over a grid. That could decentralize power, as then you can choose your provider instead of being locked into the company that currently owns the power lines.


I appreciate the warm welcome back! Thanks for sharing your insights. I think Power Ledger is going to also show us some breakthroughs in this sector and so a lot of growth will likely come from these developments. I like your idea about the vehicles...I guess we will see where it all will lead! Have a great day!