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Hi Guys,

Daily photo talk, by @Boyerobert

Please enjoy and immerse yourself in this 3-minute movie of the moon made by yours truly. It was a little windy that night with some gusts. These gusts resulted in a few camera shakes which you will see from time to time.

The movie was taken with my Nikon D7000 connected to a Celestron NextStar 127SLT telescope, finally edited with Final Cut Pro. At first glance, you might think this is an easy task to achieve, however, when you zoom in on the moon you do notice how fast it is actually movie up there. With the naked eye, not so much.

All the films cuts and edit have been done by myself, this is one of the parts I enjoy the most about creating video content. I didn't want to put too many effects into the movie to take away from the beauty of the moon. Pay close attention to the moon surface there are some things going on up there, lots of very bright lights and odd trails. Let me know which part of the movie is your favorite.

Question: Do you think there are colonies on the moon?

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Stay tuned for more delicious moments captured by your's truly @Boyerobert



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Damn, that's sick!