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Hello friends in the previous post talk about the history and analysis of Tomb Raider Legend. Today I come to talk about a short summary of Resident Evil 5 I hope you like it.

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After the collapse of the international pharmaceutical company Umbrella 10 years ago, all its biological weapons were taken or illegally acquired on the black market by terrorists in order to follow the biological experiments of the company fall. This put the stability of the world in a wave full of fear due to the attacks of Bioterrorism, which led the governments of the world to invest millions of dollars for the creation of an antiterrorism organization, the BSAA.

Chris Redfield, current member of B.S.A.A. and a former member of the S.T.A.R.S. is entrusted to go to a mission in Africa to investigate about a new virus: Uroboros.

In 2006, Chris Redfield and his partner, the also expert Jill Valentine, are sent to arrest and interrogate the much sought after Ozwell E. Spencer, who after the fall of Umbrella became responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people and therefore the most wanted man by the BSAA. But although Chris and Jill arrive at Spencer's hiding place, they run into an old enemy: Albert Wesker. Wesker had already killed Spencer and then a fight broke out between the 3 former partners of the missing STARS, clearly Chris and Jill are overcome by the superhuman powers of Wesker, who does not hesitate to try to kill Chris, then Jill is released against Wesker to prevent them from killing Chris, but as much as Wesker and Jill fall through a window onto a cliff. Chris and the rest of the BSAA agents look for the bodies of both for three months but they are not found, then Jill is dead and Chris is blamed for not being able to protect his partner and promises not to lose another partner in Wesker's hands.

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Two years later, in 2008, Chris Redfield is sent to a remote African town, Kijuju, following in the footsteps of a bioterrorist named Ricardo Irving, who is wanted by the BSAA for selling biological weapons to terrorists. His mission will be joined by a young African girl named Sheva Alomar, who will be his new partner in his new mission with a handful of several BSAA agents scattered throughout Kijuju. 

Chris and Sheva do not take long to find Ricardo Irving, but when they think they can arrest him, a mysterious hooded woman with a bird mask saves Ricardo Irving allowing him to escape, leaving Chris somewhat confused by the mysterious woman's known movements; they also realize that the inhabitants of the place at first seem like common and quiet locals (although a little aggressive) dedicating themselves to their domestic tasks (and some others hitting each other), but soon they are alerted by a man with a megaphone who He summons an assembly where Chris and Sheva observe amazed that the "peaceful" settlers soon become wild beings with only one intention: to kill them. Chris and Sheva realize that what affects the people of Kijuju is a parasitic organism very similar to what agent Leon S. Kennedy reported in the incident with the religious sect in Spain of the Illuminati, but Chris has no idea how something like that could be related to this.

After digging deeper into the place and facing endless wild and strange creatures derived from the virus experiments and following Irving through the desert and having to face him and kill him (in a monstrous way) when they cross the river In a boat, Chris and Sheva go to a cave and then to a place that looks like a laboratory where they find a file about a blond woman very similar to Jill, Chris concludes that Ricardo Irving was just a Bioterrorism trader, and if so, the true terrorists and orchestrators of all this must go hand in hand. 

Chris decides to disobey the orders and look for Jill following and sniffing in the laboratory, where they meet a mysterious woman named Excella Gionne, who not only warns them to leave that place and stop sniffing, but also tells them that she has no idea of who Jill Valentine is and leaves the place. However Sheva thinks that Excella is lying and offers its support to Chris in following Excella to the cellars of the place, where appear creatures called lickers and Chris and Sheva are given the task of facing t

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Once they both get to where Excella is, they are attacked by the bird woman, who was not only Irving's accomplice but is Excella's bodyguard. When Chris and Sheva are about to be defeated, Chris manages to give an accurate shot in the face of the bird woman causing her mask to break, it is then that a well-known voice for Chris is present, it is nothing more and nothing less that Albert Wesker. 

Chris does not wait and attacks mercilessly to Wesker to make him pay for Jill, without success Chris is subdued by Wesker easily and Wesker tells him not to hate him, because his partner Jill is not dead and that surely a person He will be very happy to see you. Then Albert Wesker removes the hood to the bird woman and Chris observes astonished that it is Jill. Without answering his questions and without a word with him, Jill attacks mercilessly to Chris and Sheva, Chris claims to Wesker for what he has done to Jill, Wesker responds that Jill is the only one and the same, only this time he is on his side and that the time has come to settle the accounts, after all, the time is two against two. 

After a long fight, just when Jill is about to kill Chris, he calls her by her full name "Jill Valentine" and then Jill releases Chris and Wesker realizing that uses a remote control that controls Jill and she begins to writhe from the pain she feels when being attacked by the device implanted by Wesker, but she can not refuse while she remains under the control of a device that Wesker and Excella implanted in her chest to control her. Wesker observes and decides that perhaps it is better to leave the "partners" alone, because he needs to take care of his final plan and after leaving everything in the hands of Jill. Chris and Sheva now know that if they manage to take Jill off that chest device, they can bring it back to itself.

Although it is not easy for them, Chris manages to remove the device with which Jill comes back apologizing to Chris and Sheva and explains that he could listen to them and look at them, but he could not stop his actions. After a brief conversation, Jill tells them they must stop Wesker before he spreads the Uroboros virus around the world. In that talk Jill to observe the insistence of Chris to accompany them, Jill asks him if he does not trust his new partner or why he does not go and stops Wesker, after understanding, Chris and Sheva look and know that a bond of friendship and strong responsibility has been created and they decide to follow the mission leaving Jill alone to rest.

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Returning with Wesker, it is soon noticeable that Wesker does not want or feel any affection for Excella, as she does for him, in a scene where Excella is found in a laboratory Chris and Sheva try to stop him but fail and they only manage to get Excella to pull a briefcase where it contained the serum that helped Wesker not lose control of his powers and thus not change. When Chris and Sheva are led to a kind of cargo hold full of dead bodies of the Majinis, they find a dying Excella writhing in pain when she learns that Wesker has infected her with the Uroboros virus. 

Meanwhile, Excella asks Wesker why, if everything she did was for him, for what he felt for him and because they were going to change the world together. With his last breath, Excella shouts the name of Albert and is transformed into a mutation of the Uroboros. However, before Chris and Sheva observe astonished that Wesker has infected with the Uroboros Excella, if in the words of Sheva was "Wesker's companion", to which Chris responds that Wesker does not want or need anyone but himself . 

While Wesker is watching and telling through a speaker to Chris and Sheva that soon they will witness the new genesis of the world when everyone is infected with the Uroboros six million voices will shout it, due to the number of dead bodies of the Majinis and which strengthened the Uroboros in which Excella was transformed. 

The result is an imposing beast, after a tough fight in which Chris and Sheva have time counted, because while they fight Wesker plans to spread the Virus-Uroboros all over the globe in a giant special plane designed to carry the vials of the virus and If Chris and Sheva do not leave soon there will be nothing they can do to stop it, but Chris and Sheva leave before they manage to board the plane before it takes off, but before Chris manages to take that vaccine from Excella's private laboratory, it is his only Hope to be able to beat Wesker, much to his dismay Wesker knew that they would make it to the plane and that is why he was waiting for them in the cargo area where he intends to kill them once and for all and where a large part of his plans is revealed and because of their actions also takes place the penultimate fight where it is clear that Wesker takes the win, in this fight where many actions are implemented where you should press the com Buttons to get out alive the fight develops where while Chris holds Wesker and Sheva injects him the serum again as Jill informed them that if he were given an overdose the serum could act as a poison against Wesker after this Chris opens the hatch of the plane for Wesker to fly out but he grabs hold of Sheva and is about to let go but Chris has memories that he almost lost Jill and all he does is hold Sheva tight to keep her and Wesker from falling together and Sheva only shot Wesker to fall but still the plane ends up falling on the banks of a volcano with activity, Wesker is released and stays elsewhere, Chris and Sheva barely survived and thought they had finished with the antagonist Wesker is furious because he knows that everything is over but if something can do is eliminate those who cause everything and especially Chris, and that is where the final battle takes place.


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In the emblematic setting of the active volcano Wesker, saying that the fight is just beginning, he drills a container with the Uroboros virus and mutates becoming bigger and stronger, in this fight his only vulnerable point is the center of his body or where he should have the heart since when you hit it at that reddish point it becomes weak.

After the strongest and final fight the rocks where they were collapsing and begin to fall apart causing Wesker to fall to the boiling lava, Chris and Sheva are about to accompany him when suddenly in the sky appears a helicopter piloted by Josh Stone and Jill, she throws a folding ladder to climb and escape, when they think they are safe the furious voice of Wesker shouting the name of Chris rumbles before all since he did not die when falling in the lava and also thanks to his mutated arm and his tentacle threatens take everyone to the lava, but then Jill tells Chris and Sheva to use a rocket launcher to finish it or everything will be over, then Chris asks Sheva if she is ready and with the help of the two companions fire the missiles. 

You can appreciate it in a moment, before they hit you in the head that unde in your body dodging the missiles and causing them to explode in the laba. Finally everything is over and Sheva celebrates with a comment that has avenged all those innocent people who died, it is then that Chris wonders if all this fight is worth it for a world without fear when it comes to the conclusion that it is worth while the helicopter is lost between dawn. It is not known if Wesker is still alive, and if he survived, we will see him in the next games.

This game also has different game mode like:


For the first time in the saga (in its storyline), we will have a cooperative mode, both online and offline. In online mode, the host will take on the role of Chris Redfield, and the guest as Sheva Alomar.


As in Resident Evil 4, we will again face waves of infected in time-lapse rounds. Objective? get the highest score possible. We can do it alone or with a friend. We will have several characters to choose from with different outfits, weapons and specific skills.


By digital download, Capcom added a new game mode. Based on Mercenary mode, a new objective is added: you. Whether individual or by teams of 2 against 2, one player will face another to the most classic deathmatch style. Versus has two types of categories:

Assassins: Challenge players to score points by killing Majinis or the other players.

Survivors: In this mode, players, armed only with pistols or machine guns, have to kill the other players and earn points to win. On the other hand, if other players inflict damage on the player, the points earned are lost.





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