VLOG #17: 2017 Is Almost Over!! Have You Reached Any Of Your Goals?

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Only 4 months left of this year..damn! This year has flown by! Have you leveled up this year at all? If so how? Have you reached any of your goals? I took this video at 2:30 in the morning today so that's why I am laying on my bed. I had to say that or you would probably be wondering "what is she doing in bed right now?" hahaha. I just got my nails done and I am gonna get ready to go see the fight > I am excited to see who ends up winning! :D

Let's make the rest of this year count my Steemit folks!

Tomorrow - A Mystical Land Where 99% Of All Human Productivity, Motivation, And Achievement Is Stored.

Let me know what you think in the comments below & Show your girl some Love! ♥

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Hannah (Remember Who You Are)


I wish I had goals. 2018 is coming, I will think of something :)

I work as an executive coach and making people set goals is one thing, and getting them to set an accountable system is another. Good job, first time I saw you post, so now following you and have upvoted you as well

Yayy I am glad we have crossed paths :)

Telling people your goals so that you can be held accountable can truly be a good thing.

But some people fall into the trap where their own words alone convince them that something has already been accomplished!

Sometimes goals, planning and sharing ideas gives your brain a reward without actually accomplishing anything that you've set out to.

Follow through with your dreams, work hard to accomplish your goals and it will feel amazing when you succeed! :-D

I love this! It is so true when u said "Sometimes goals, planning and sharing ideas gives your brain a reward without actually accomplishing anything that you've set out to." That was golden!

Being able to keep track of progress is vital :D

It certainly is vital!

I've unfortunately fallen into this trap more times than I like to admit. I probably do it everyday...

Let's hope the awareness of reality is sufficient for me to make substantial changes in my behavior, even if talking about it isn't enough! haha

I'm just sooo bad at remembering things and organizing tasks that the simple act of using a calendar is more of a hassle than depending on the panic that creeps up whenever I really need to get something done.

I wonder if this is considered trusting your instincts or called being irresponsible... lol

Oh man making decisions is sometimes really hard.... Like Laotse said: you cannot NOT act. So we always act.....

Which sign are you Hannah? Do you know your ascendent too? Just curious... :-)

I want to work on myself this year. I want to paint and get the social project job.

Next year I want to meet you, even if there is a big ocean between us.

Every day we should take one, just ONE decision and make it real the other day... easy as pie!... we can't live in an illusion! And two... what happened girl? We missed your voice telling this powerfull words. Cheers for you!

Yes! Choose one thing and then do it - I agree :D
I am glad u missed me. I was meaning to make a vid sooner - just got caught up with life <3

You have chosse wisely!

I'll be the weird one out here. I don't make new years resolutions. I have my fitness and running but thats not a goal because its just something I do - it's like air to me.
On the other hand, as I progress throughout said year, if i feel compelled to work on something I start making steps towards it right then and there, whether its December 30th, or January 9th....I have always been like this. Kinda reminds me of people who wait until after the gluttonous holidays to clean up their diet or try to live a healthier life, why wait, the damage is done by then. Or a smoker, I'll stop next year as my "resolution", why wait the time is now.
Lol. I know this isn't the message you were sending and i like what your doing here, okay there's 4 months, get cracking people. Right on.
I'm just saying when it comes to the context of accomplishing something within a years time, you can start now, if it occurs to you. Dont wait!

You are a Powerful woman! The fact that you are so naturally dedicated to what you do and that it is 2nd nature is truly beautiful. I personally have to make things into a habit to get myself to do something.

How did fitness and running become like air to you? Have u always been into it? I'm curious :)

@awarenessraiser, thank you. And, yes i have. I need it. Helps with this shitty deppression i get. That's one of the biggest ways it became like air. It's just something i do!

Planning your entire year on day one always seemed a bit unrealistic to me.

If you've made up your mind and dedicated yourself to accomplishing that one thing, that's all it takes.
The key is actually wanting to do it.

I always said I wanted to quit smoking. I never bothered to actually try until the one day that I KNEW I was ready. Haven't smoked since xD

Good For you on the quitting of smoking!! @akrid

Sign my deal with roc nation. Its around the corner. Its coming. Just doing my part to get there. Stay blessed love

Oh snap! Ok I see you! :D

About reaching goals... hmm that failed for me this year unfortunately.

Only here, on steemit, i could say i have found some interest and doing this writing which i haven't made till now. For me it is a new thing. That may be a start. But don't know to what yet. I'm balancing out time "wasted" here and what other things i left aside.

If i'll have the chance to meet the "same" circle and share thoughts, it could be a positive start. But, as it is now here, it is only for catching the new posts and not to make a circle :-) Hmm, after reading what i wrote it may sound strange, maybe you get what i mean.

So, regarding making and reaching goals. Here is a fine line between having impossible ones and normal ones (normal for each individual of course). If you can't reach an impossible one it is bad motivation and may lead to a wrong turn. It must be our brain in control of that real ones to have real expectations.

Minor goals are good for everyone. Big ones... we must try at least some on our lives but don't fall down if we can't reach them.

Also, as @akrid said, sharing them can be fake information for the brain. Lol. I lived that moments. Here must be somebody else around to awake you and make sure you understand that.

Hmm... i said too much again :-)


Love how you worded your comment! Very unique and interesting (:


Steemit is kinda the only place where i came daily or more to check what's new. And as long i will find good content, i think i will be here.

Writing things down, can be similar to sharing goals to many others but also can make you realize where you stand in that moment. Because in our minds they are just thoughts.
For some, writing things and putting them together can make them aware of how productive we really are.

I do try to set goals but lately i am very constant in failing them. I lost motivation because some personal matters including some health problems. Maybe i'll need some hint from life for what to do next, maybe just from posts like you, maybe... who knows :-)

Here is why life is beautiful in its so long path.

4 months could mean a lot. Also 1 day could mean a lot in our tiny life. So, let's hope i will find this bookmark at the end of the year and came back to say something good with good achievements.

lwl, i always wonder when i write things down in that way, why i can do and tell good things to others but for me i kind of... suck.

Eh, cheers and good luck in your achievements.

p.s.: Finally found emojis here... first small, achievement here, hehe 😉

Love love. (did it show? lol) As for my goals, ultimate goal for the year is not accomplished yet, but the steps I know that are required to get there are being taken and I've been checking those baby steps off as we go. Getting there...getting there...

I am proud of yoU!! Baby steps are better than no steps <3 (:

Very beautiful and really nice post

Had to come through and show some love. I think part of what you are saying really relates to the power of attraction. However, that power of attraction--the engine- that runs the power of attraction is focus. We have too many distractions and so before we can even begin to focus, you must pull yourself away from the distraction. Focus is like the most underestimated aspect of being a human being. We literally can bring things from our imagination into reality with the power of focus. keep it coming. I see you smiling, beautiful ;)

You said that beautifully!! :)

6k a month residual online income. Move my son and I to Oregon. Get to freakin Tuscon for the big show this year! It's been too damn long!

Time is only an illusion. years do not end time moves continuous. :)

Nice seeing you in here again :)

YESSSS I AGREEE :D Time is an Illusion for sure but I personally have to remember to keep myself in check or else years will pass by and I won't move forward with momentum lol.

Sooooo what show is going on Tucson that I'm not aware of? :D

The gem show hun. I used to go every year. haven't been able to go for years. Fingers crossed about being able to go this year. It's like my home in Feb. lol

you are right, we definitely have to keep ourselves in check!

I do it too. Not sure why i responded that way. Maybe I didn't want to admit it was ending lol

omg I love the gem show!! It is MAGICALLLL <3

Sadly I haven't leveled up yet... We never set a date. 😁

There is a rhyme in Germany "Was du heute kannst besorgen, das verschiebe nicht auf morgen" it dose not rhymes in English but this is what it means "Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today." Four month is a lot time to finish things which someone will not take into the new year they just have to pull there finger out of there ass and do it. Nice post sorry for the late comment was very busy the last days.

Yessss love it! 4 months is a hell of a long time to get things done as long as we are productive each day!

Yup your absolutely right ;)

oh ohhh... you have a glow about you when you started talking about reflections! That little smirk and sudden increase in energy... caught my curiosity. Definitely something saucy about you tonight. Or something you had on your mind but didn't mention or something you haven't realized yet. hmmm...

Anywho... intriguing video. For me, this was one year where all goals went to shit. And now, the only thing left is taking it one day at a time...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Definitely gave some things to think about that I've been avoiding.

Did I?? I didn't notice until I watched the vid :)
Yes I have been feeling pretty glowy lately though but I'm really not sure why. You are sleek - u caught that! (:

It is frightening how quickly this year has gone past already !
I haven't yet achieved ANYTHING that I set out too....o.O

Great post and so true what you said about this year just ruched by so fast 😲 can't belive it really.. Lol
I have learned to stop thinking and just doing that has been my big change this year and I have reached a few goals and I can for the first time in my life say I am proud of myself and that is a Big step 😉😆
Thank you for sharing this and have a good night

There are a couple of major things to tick off the list for this year. I had a major blocking factor, $. But then with some time and creative thought I have identified a solution. So $ was not the blocking factor, my own limited thoughts were.

This now unlocks the gateway to next year as well.

I LOOOOOOVE how you said that you thought $ was the problem but then you were able to identify that your own limited thoughts were the issue. Great job!!!

Isn't always the case? Our thinking is our greatest limiter. =)

I've been through the exercise of shifting my perspective repeatedly, but it seems it is one I must constantly engage in.

Just chillaxing hey... :)