Anticipating Christmas - Episode 5 - Video Series

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Elegant & wintery, this frosted floral arrangement is the perfect decorative addition to any spot in your home! Coordinating floral can be time consuming, so to save time, choose a pre-made bundle of floral and add in your own accents to bring it to life. We chose this white floral bundle & added a variety of artificial pine for extra texture and height, as well as some frosty leaves to break up the shape & add a wintery texture. This arrangement would also be perfect for winter weddings!

Episode 5

Smokey blue, gold, and cream colored ribbon give this tree an old-fashioned Victorian color scheme. Ornaments in silver, gold, light blue, and off-white continue this color scheme while warm ivory candle lights add to the vintage feel. With only 100 candle lights illuminating the branches, this tree's lights are subtle & not overpowering, like the soft color scheme. A coordinating angel in off white & soft gold was used to top the tree.

Episode 4

With a silver & gold color scheme, these neutral planters will look great anywhere. The addition of a large lantern (and flame-less timer candle) warms the look. Artificial pine garland & pine floral were used rather than real so they can be reused year after year!

Episode 3

Here is a quick video showing how to light a Christmas tree! Light amount is a preference, so if you like more subtle lighting, weave the lights closer to the edge to use less. If you want more, weave a little further into the tree. This balsam fir is lit with incandescent string lights. I used about 850 light count on this 7.8 ft tree. 150 of those are twinkle lights that were mixed in (after the regular lights) to give the tree a sparkling look!

Episode 2

Adorned with golden paper stars, this gilded tree is covered from head to toe with golden ornaments & glitter floral. In the first part, I will show you how to make 3D paper stars - an easy craft! Then, watch the tree put together from start to finish! I try to do an artsy tree each year - 2016 got the "Wave Ribbon Christmas Tree", 2017 got the "Elegant Feather Christmas Tree", and 2018 gets the "Golden Star Christmas Tree"! :)

Episode 1

Thanks for watching! :)


Thanks you for all the video sharing, i misded some part of that but now i can enjoy all.

Thank you for this videos, it is time to prepare for holidays and sometimes one wants to do something differently as usually and something with his own hands. I love decorations but sometimes I prefer to have unique one that nobody else can have. For that occasion your video tutorials are great, you created such beautiful decorations, that I was thinking that you probably working in such a decorating company, you know the shops or firms can order decorator who comes and in couple of hour you usually room will be turned into Christmas dream. You are the one of such guys. Beautiful and creative ideas. Thanks you for that

Very well done videos! I love that lantern bouquet, I’m gonna have to add that to my decor this year. Thanks for sharing your wonderful ideas!

Great video in the series you are sharing loved this one too thanks for sharing

Oh man, I guess Christmas is realy indeed here :D I haven't even noticed when the fall has passed and here you are showing Christmas tutorials :D I guess I should start thinking what to get for my family :D AAltho I have some ideas saved from thoughout the year. Merry Christmas if that's the case haha :D

Btw I very much enjoyed the music selection of building the tree timelapse in the episode one. Much better than some stupid santa music :)

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