Anticipating Christmas - Episode 18 - Video Series

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Scented with fresh pine, orange, cinnamon, & cloves, this fragrant centerpiece will fill the room with a wonderfully nostalgic Christmas fragrance. With few supplies, this arrangement is very easy to make & works well for both rustic and elegant interiors (just choose a container that fits your style)!

Thanks to all that watched this series - I hope you have a warm season full of family & fun, and a very Merry Christmas! :)

Episode 18

Sometimes you just want a small tree - here is how to decorate one! This little tree is about 3 ft tall. Decorated in a soft color scheme, this small tree adds a soft and cozy look to this space. Soft copper, gold, & light green/blue ornaments were all that was used (other than a strand of 100 string lights of course!) Instead of using a tree stand, a decorative planter was filled with floral foam to hold the tree upright.

Episode 17

This fishing creel basket got a Christmas makeover with pine floral, frosted branches, and red ornaments! This arrangement is simple and has a natural look to it with the flowing sprigs that spill over the basket edge. For more of a cabin style look, add ice fishing poles!

Episode 16

There is no shortage of vintage Christmas postcards, and with their beautiful imagery, why not display them for everyone to enjoy! Most postcards used on this tree are from 1914 and earlier, making them over 100 years old! Antique indented ornaments make the perfect pairing with the old fashioned Christmas imagery of the postcards. Soft green ornaments fill in the tree and give the tree a balanced look while soft gold tinsel (thin) garland adds an antique look that is reminiscent of embellished ornaments of the past.

Episode 15

In smaller spaces it can be hard to find a place for a full sized tree. Decorating a Christmas wreath is just as much fun as decorating a tree - you can use all your favorite ornaments and floral, and as seen in the other Christmas wreath video, you can even add ribbon! Christmas wreaths work especially well if you have small children or pets because it is up off the ground and out of reach. Place a basket, crate, or sled with your gifts beneath it to finish the look!

Episode 14

This display consists of many vintage items from antique butter molds to old fashioned heaters. The vintage stove-top oven/pie warmer, chocolate mold, & cookie press give a holiday baking feel to this display while a copper colored heater adds a touch of warmth to the overall look. Potpourri gives any display a "homey" feel with it's texture, color, & scent. To finish off the Christmas side of this look, A small tree was added along with vibrant red & green ornaments.

Episode 13

Here is a happy little tree! Miniature village houses are nestled in the snowy boughs of this 4 ft. flocked Christmas tree! Small snowy trees rest here & there while ornaments & frosted pine floral give it a glittering Christmas look!

Episode 12

With a gold & smokey blue color scheme, this mantel garland coordinates nicely with the "Victorian Christmas Tree." To continue with the elegant theme, an antique mantel clock, taper candle holders, glass jars, & a kerosene lamp decorate the mantel. Keeping these decorations season-neutral lets the garland shine!

Episode 11

These decorative greenery ball decorations are perfect seasonal replacements for summer hanging baskets & are simple to make! I chose an elegant white, & soft gold color scheme. Choose different floral & ornaments to go with your decor. You could also add lights (I added a 20 light strand but didn't have an extra cord to plug it in). These would also look great for winter weddings!

Episode 10

I picked up this old postbox at an antique shop with this exact purpose in mind - to seasonally display my collection of vintage postcards! Here is a quick floral arrangement consisting of a variety of frosted floral & just a few antique postcards!

Episode 9

With a dark-red & silver color scheme, this snowy tree has just a hint of color. Burlap warms the look and adds a rustic touch next to the elegant mercury glass ornaments. I gave old gift ribbon a second season by using the various length pieces on this tree, then filling in with burlap & a narrow gold glitter ribbon.

Episode 8

This festive planter contains contrasting colors and floral to add an interesting variety of textures and color. With an eclectic mix of Christmas embellishments from candy cane stripe ribbon to gold glitter stars - this planter gives a warm welcome to your holiday guests! This could be done to fit any color scheme by changing the color of the ornament, ribbon, and artificial floral.

Episode 7

Create a charming snowy village scene in your home! In this video I will show you how to set up a Christmas village display using light-up houses, decorative accents, & fake snow. I will also show you how to minimize cords & hide cords.

Episode 6

Elegant & wintery, this frosted floral arrangement is the perfect decorative addition to any spot in your home! Coordinating floral can be time consuming, so to save time, choose a pre-made bundle of floral and add in your own accents to bring it to life. We chose this white floral bundle & added a variety of artificial pine for extra texture and height, as well as some frosty leaves to break up the shape & add a wintery texture. This arrangement would also be perfect for winter weddings!

Episode 5

Smokey blue, gold, and cream colored ribbon give this tree an old-fashioned Victorian color scheme. Ornaments in silver, gold, light blue, and off-white continue this color scheme while warm ivory candle lights add to the vintage feel. With only 100 candle lights illuminating the branches, this tree's lights are subtle & not overpowering, like the soft color scheme. A coordinating angel in off white & soft gold was used to top the tree.

Episode 4

With a silver & gold color scheme, these neutral planters will look great anywhere. The addition of a large lantern (and flame-less timer candle) warms the look. Artificial pine garland & pine floral were used rather than real so they can be reused year after year!

Episode 3

Here is a quick video showing how to light a Christmas tree! Light amount is a preference, so if you like more subtle lighting, weave the lights closer to the edge to use less. If you want more, weave a little further into the tree. This balsam fir is lit with incandescent string lights. I used about 850 light count on this 7.8 ft tree. 150 of those are twinkle lights that were mixed in (after the regular lights) to give the tree a sparkling look!

Episode 2

Adorned with golden paper stars, this gilded tree is covered from head to toe with golden ornaments & glitter floral. In the first part, I will show you how to make 3D paper stars - an easy craft! Then, watch the tree put together from start to finish! I try to do an artsy tree each year - 2016 got the "Wave Ribbon Christmas Tree", 2017 got the "Elegant Feather Christmas Tree", and 2018 gets the "Golden Star Christmas Tree"! :)

Episode 1

Thanks for watching! :)


Everything is very beautiful. Episode 12 and 11 are the best in my opinion

Great things. Have you really done all this. Everything is beautiful

Thanks! Yes, it has been a busy season! :)

Oh yes @artist1989, these decorations are very beautiful and the spirit of Christmas emanates from them!

This one was very unique in its own great to see this video : )

Excellent videos, my friend and especially liked episode 6, very cool invented! Thank you Christopher

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