Anticipating Christmas - Episode 1 - Video Series

in #video5 years ago

Adorned with golden paper stars, this gilded tree is covered from head to toe with golden ornaments & glitter floral. In the first part, I will show you how to make 3D paper stars - an easy craft! Then, watch the tree put together from start to finish! I try to do an artsy tree each year - 2016 got the "Wave Ribbon Christmas Tree", 2017 got the "Elegant Feather Christmas Tree", and 2018 gets the "Golden Star Christmas Tree"! :)

Episode 1

Thanks for watching! :)


A good come back with Christmas tree video after a long time, hope some good moments ahead for you.

Welcome @artist1989 sir again! I hope everything will be ok .. you are about a month away from steemit. Beautiful video on Christmas tree making with stars. thanks

Thanks! I have just been busy with the holidays! :)

Another christmas is round the corner great to see the first video of this series always so creative you are :D great to learn so many interesting things from you

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